Problems with determinism

The problem with using determinism as proof that we do not have free-will is flawed.

We know that events follow one another in sequence. We discern a pattern in this sequence that we designate by the term “cause and effect”.

The problem is that we do not know why certain effects follow certain causes. This is made even worse by the fact that the same effect can often be preceded by different causes.

Hume says that nature keeps hidden the means by which she makes certain things follow certain things.

All so-called explanations produce new relations that are just as arbitrary and in need of explanation as the relations they were supposed to explain. (see )

Now due to the fact that we can only describe relations but not explain them many different stories can be given as explanations.

A great pink elephant made out of an invisible and penetrable substance could be the producer of the regularity and consistency that we call cause and effect. We have no means by which to falsify such a claim.

Sure we can only conceive of determinism or randomness; but this is saying something about our capacity as conceiver’s; not something about the world as it is.

I still do not believe in free-will. How can I when I cannot even conceive it? But I no longer believe that the question of free-will can give us knowledge (if you define knowledge as certain, true belief). It can only give us opinion; sides to choose.

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