The Plan

So my plan is first to increase my income.

In order to do so I have to take 3 steps:

          1. Get a birth-certificate.

          2. Get a provisional driving license (because they are cheaper than passports)

          3. Get another job.

Ideally I’d like to get a job that is 24 hours a week divided into 3 8 hour shifts. This way I could either keep the job I have and triple my income or quit my job and double my income. That is assuming the wages are commensurate.

Whilst doing this I will learn the art of knife-sheath making so I can join the family business. Once this skill is mastered I would be able to double my current income on that alone.

Find out how to enter university as an adult. See if there are any grants or benefits available to help adult learners.

I know open university is an option; but it does not fulfil my intention of going to university.

That intention is to enter a world where I am not an alien. A world where I could talk with rather than at people about philosophy and sociology.

I intend the next series of blogs to be the story of my relationship with the concept free-will because I’ve recently had an epiphany regarding it. I did believe that the question of free-will was one that could be answered empirically but I now think it is a metaphysical question that we do not have the means of answering.