Thoughts on death

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I want you to imagine a situation.

You are confronted with a mass of enemies who are going to kill you.

There is no doubt about this fact.

What are you going to do?

Now this is important to consider because if you accurately see this situation you will see that there is going to be no recompense for the action and no avoidance of negative consequence.

You are definitely going to die irrespective of how you act up to that definite set in stone event.

There is a reason why these scenarios are a favourite of cinema and drama and it’s because in that moment, when death is certainly imminent, when you are confronted, literally face to face with the insurmountable enemy…

Well then you are you and you shout or you cower but now there’s no master but you and you alone.

I imagine I’d fight, bang swords on shields and shout incoherently as I belligerently nutted the inevitable.

But what’s fascinating about it… is that that roar you imagine screaming into the hurricane is a kind of outpouring.

The ultimate and primitive expression of man vainly declaring ownership of the situation.

That though I die I will own my death, I will not go gently into that good night.

There’s a romantic feel to this, the Frankenstein who rages against his fate.

I intended to bring it about to something about freedom… and though freedom is inherently tied up with death and is why the majority of the system is intent on distracting you from the fact that you are definitely going to die.

In a sense death is the true enemy, the enemy that lies behind all the others.

Not just our own death but those of people we love. The one universal phobia.

You discover it in the wound a loved one leaves despite what you want or do.

Until one dwells on this, until one accepts and in accepting defeats their death they will never cease from fighting shadows.


I have a dream

I dream that one day we can all communicate from reality.

A time when we won’t censure or fear to reveal. A time when politically correct will be insignificant when shock at words vanishes into the murky world of forgotten stupidities.

A time when we all unabashedly pour ourselves into the communal fiction.

When we finally own up to our own insignificance and revel in our lack of importance.

You may say that we need to hide certain things for our own protection. Sure but those things are trivial.

Is my bank account number and pin essential to me? No.

But the things that people are scared of revealing. Their wants, urges, dreams and preferences.

I include myself within this

I also partake of this bitter cup

This social incarceration within a prison of shame concerning the mundane, shared reality called Human.

And just think what society would be like if everyone freely declared their intentions and desires.

If everyone just laid their cards on the table and showed contempt for the kitty.

Realized that the kitty was the excuse to play and governed the game from that understanding.

But think of how much suffering would just vanish as people found their matches and left stagnant patches for fresh verdure because everyone knew everyone.

See I don’t fear being known the process of becoming known gives me performance anxiety though.

And this is the case for everyone.

My process of philosophy is phenomenology.

That is I spend all my time semi-watching myself from the awareness. I’ve talked of it in previous blogs but it’s essential characteristic is one of neutrality, it passively accepts all that comes within its domain.

From that place I watch all my activities and emotions and basically this is my commentary on that.

The world from the perspective of this awareness is reality and it is beautiful.

Recursively that description of how I do philosophy is itself an example of the act itself. That is it is a commentary on the activity of me philosophizing taken from the 1st person.

That comment also was.

Anyway seeing as how I’m human and we’re all human there’s going to be a lot of commonalty. And that’s the job of the philosopher.

He goes dredging in the dark,

pulls all into the light of reality,

brings it before your gaze and shows you

through a sign-post to your own experience,

your own capacity to authenticate,

that there’s nothing to fear

because we don’t matter

and our end is not in our own hands

and that now and all the nows

till the maybe not now

are actually pretty good

in the cold, warm light of reality.

Love, Power and the Gospel Part 3/3


What does Jesus do? This is key because here it would be so easy for him to remedy his situation.

To fix it.

But no.

Instead Jesus takes active steps to ensure his own destruction.

He actively participates in the conspiracy erected against him.

Essentially Jesus is saying to the so called powers of the world “Do what you can, come on throw it all at me, do your worst” and when the world refrains, when it draws back Jesus is there again to say to it:

You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above. Therefore he who delivered me over to you has the greater sin.” John 19:11

That is he says the exact thing necessary to not only make Pilate crucify him but to make him feel OK about doing it!

How is this powerful?

This is powerful because it doesn’t come from a lack. The bare narrative is this:

False-power exerts itself against real power.

Real power fully accepts and acquiesces in every action taken against it.

It simply sits there silent in the face of the noise or acts to increase the adversarial adversity of the adversary.

After false-power has exhausted itself, that is emptied itself into the silence, real-power forgives it and then shows it that there is nothing to be forgiven.

Real power cannot be hurt, there is nothing you can give it or take from it.

False-power finally sees that what had really been happening was it had been expressing itself to love and being accepted and included and shown that it is loved.

That this relationship of expression and appreciation, of love was behind the mouldy facade of the power relation.

So Jesus portrayed power most explicitly when he was dying on the cross and he still loved his adversaries in the statement “Forgive them father for they not what they do”.

Love, Power and the Gospel Part 2/3

The single event in history that displayed true power in all its raw, loving beauty was the crucifixion of Jesus and the character of Jesus displayed especially near his death.

From the common understanding of power this seems absurd.

They would have it that Jesus be some superhuman who dominates the situation, who safe-guards his life, who removes obstacles etc.

They would say that a man who was silent in the face of rebuke, who did nothing when spat at, who didn’t defend himself when fictional accusations and deceitful mis-interpretations were brought against himself…

They would say such a man was not powerful.

At most they may applaud him with resignation.

But Jesus’ pacificity was potent.

A beautiful example of how radical Christ’s pacificity was is in his exchange with Pilate.

Pilate’s wife had had a dream and begged him not to do anything to Jesus.

Pilate wanted an out, some means to save face in his struggle between the emperor and the jews, and not crucify Christ. This is the situation expressed in:

“So Pilate said to Him, “Do You refuse to speak to me? Do You not know that I have authority to release You and authority to crucify You?”” John 19:10

He’s saying, “Look, I’m the wielder of power here. I can let you go. I want to let you go. I wouldn’t be saying all this if I wanted to crucify you I would just do it!”

Love, Power and the Gospel Part 1/3

The function of sin is so that God can express an aspect of his character that can only be expressed through forgiving.

It’s not even that there is anything to forgive because it is God Himself that in the biblical narrative establishes man and supports man, even incites man to become His own adversary (David incited by God to number israel, the law’s function being to make sin increase etc).

For a long time I wondered about this. I could see that the biblical narrative had God doing this but I couldn’t see what for.

It’s so that love could express itself as power and as true power.

Most people think that power is what is portrayed as power. That is as front.

They think that power is attempting to make the world conform to their will, being able to remove discomfort etc… All that they think of as power is really the absence of power in that they wouldn’t do what they did if they didn’t already have a lack, a vulnerability.

Even the act of giving commands hides the truth that he who issues the command is not the sole wielder of power. The commandee has to acquiesce.

Then people call power the acts of coercion employed to bend the victim’s will but this act is itself the evidence, the effect, the symptom of the fact that the person they are being used on is actually not under their control, is not under their power.

Seeing this is the key to understanding the Gospels. It is the key to understanding Jesus and by proxy God.

The power of God

Most people think that God is in charge in the same impotent way as kings or governments.

That is to say that they believe God has the power to issue a command (believe in my son) and we have the power to not choose it.

This makes a mockery of God.

God is in absolute control. Not in the sense of a king’s control – who can ask and be denied. He is the cause and author of our choices and the consequences of our choices.

A drop of rain doesn’t land somewhere that God didn’t ordain.

This is the power of God – this is true power that is silent.

A command is only issued to hide the fact that he who issues the command has no power. That he to whom the command is issued can deny the command.

What most people believe to be power is really just a front. A mask to hide the fact of impotence and because it’s a mask it has to be loud to scare you away from pulling it off.

God is silent, He doesn’t issue commands because He is truly mighty. Because He controls everything – every thought you have, every desire you have is a direct action of God.

Eventually everyone will see this – but not soon – God is patient He holds all the cards and knows all our hands, he made the game, he made the rules of the game, He made the players of the game and he made the moves of the game.

This is the truth Jesus brought that is opposed to the law. The law states we need to do stuff for God… the Gospel says “Don’t be thick! He’s God what can you possibly do for him.. it’s you that is having stuff done for them… you are the passive recipient… and that is the only appropriate relationship to God”

Most christians won’t like this because they want to be the star of the show; really they want to usurp God’s position. It’s silly and God laughs.

You poor fools

I don’t mean to be negative but the majority of this generation need to see the fact that they have been systematically retarded.

You complain all the time about how you hate your job. How many hours you have to work, how horrible it is getting up in the morning.

But what do you spend your money on?

Fucking clothes, jewelry, make up, doing up your house or doing up your car.

Trivial superficial trash that becomes the shit it is the second you stop spending money 0n it.

And get this right – all this trash what is it?

It’s all status symbols!

You the working class, you cleaners, warehouse workers (btw I’m a minimum wage cleaner) you are one rung away from trampdom on the  metric that is the job market.

And what do you use the wages you earn  from selling your life second by second on? You spend it on trying to appear rich!

Surely you must see how fucking stupid you’ve been made?

Look at all the music videos you like.

Hip-hop and rnb are the two genres of choice for the economically disadvantaged. You know Kanye West and what’s-his-face, woman with the nice bum, beyonce’s husband… Usher I think.

All their videos are the upper-classes shitting right in your gob-hole and like a lobotomized Oliver Twist you ask for more.

You can reduce the contend – the strong, implicit content – of their songs and videos to:

I’m rich – you’re not.

I’ve got a plastic bitch with a plastic bum – you’ve got rent-arrears and a burger-gobbler

I’ve got this – you ain’t

Not only are they rubbing in your face the fact that you’re poor because you lack a maserati and a mansion but they are subtly getting you to buy into this metric of value.

How? By controlling what you find desirable.

“Oh look at this cool dude singing on the tv he has all this wealth. Oh yeah wealth is good… but I’m not wealthy I must be meaningless and valueless.”

Even a junkie skag head is better than you – at least he’s spending money on something he’s actually going to enjoy – – not something that’s gonna make it appear to other people that he’s well-off.

History will see this age as the age of trivia, trite, vacuousness. The time when man was the most oppressed and brain-washed but thought he was free. The time when everybody had fuck-all to say but at least they had a platform from which to not be heard from.