More on anarchy

I think anarchism is the natural state; a state that allows all things and generally results in the strong oppressing the weak. Anarchy is actually reality. What we can do as humans is seek to establish fictions on top of reality that serve our purposes.

If you’re strong and wealthy then you seek to establish a fiction that maintains your position. This would be an anti-anarchic propaganda because you don’t want the people you are standing on to realize that your position is up for grabs.

Anarchy is the starting point; the natural state if you will. I think as humans we can (and all of our most esteemed acheivements have (medicine, technology etc)) supercede nature.

I think we should supercede anarchy in favor of a state that allows the most people the most freedom; allows them to pursue what interests and builds them.

But alas I think the best we can do is to bring a brief respite from anarchy every now and then until it inevitably re-establishes itself. Because anarchy is reality and all political/moral systems are fictions that anarchy allows to thrive for a bit until something more powerful comes along.


Stuff on talking and people

We’re all jigsaw puzzle pieces the best way is to bare our jagged edges. More often than not they’re only jagged in our heads.

I think the most basic truth about humans of all is that we just want to love and be loved.

This is behind the need to be understood.

I think the best kind of conversation and declaration is one in which the concern for truth is involved but it’s not centre stage. More a mutual comparing of notes on our subjective experiences than a mutual destruction of interpretations.

There is a space above truth and falsehood in which both coexist. Both true and false statements can be comprehended. Often we just use truth and falsehood as walls that let in some and exclude others.