Life, the universe, and everything!

At first I didn’t really have an aim for this blog. Now I do. I realized that this aim had been behind most of my blog posts. The aim is: To show that it is brilliant and awesome to be you by being me. To try and share realizations I’ve had about life that make me certain that there is nothing to be ashamed of, that there is no reason to hide.

Now I’m not saying I don’t feel shame and that I don’t hide because I do. This damn recalcitrant embodiment of mine persists in being shy, nervous and ashamed. But I know – deep down and intellectually – that it’s being a silly billy. This knowledge helps me take the dive into novel actions and embarrassing situations which is the only way to coax ourselves out of our hidey-holes. So I hope that by sharing it I can help people.

Plus I like typing stuff and I’m a bit of a show-off (thus the word recalcitrant and the snooty title of the blog).



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