It’s easy to love an other

It’s easy to love an other

If you try

just see another brother

Looking out of their eye.

Saw a lady walking her baby

By walking I meant wheeling

and by baby a dachshund.

She had a glum expression

on her face full of tension.

So I looked her in the eyes, smiled

And lifted my brows. That got her attention.

All of a sudden a change swift as lightening

flitted through her face:

the release of the tension.

It’s easy to love another

If you try

Just see another mother

Looking out of their eye.

What did this cost me?

Just a smile and a stare

Sure there’s a scare behind a stare

what if they don’t like me

what if they don’t get me

what If I offend this cripple in a wheelchair.

But that’s all an illusion

a spell cast of confusion

to separate fellow-humans

and force constant consumption.

What was the reward?

For just a brief second

me and another mother

shared a little bit of heaven!


The Etonian Fig-Plucker

We live in an age of stupidity

When people are offended by words

But not poverty.

We elect a pig-fucking monstrosity

Whose sole intent is to ensure

The perpetuation of inequality

Coz he’s rich, you see

While you and me live in penuary

He doesn’t care about us

To him we’re just dicks full of pus

We should smack him in the face

With a red double decker bus.

This poem is about David Cameron.

This poem isn’t about David Cameron.

Look behind the puppet

to the system of the contraption

the strings that dangle us all

And shut us up with an election.

The suicidal liberation

You stand before the door

Of the beast behind the beasts

The fear behind all fears

Tear yourself away from this world

Full of its trivialities

that masquerade as significant.

You stand before the door

Of the true dragon

the fire in the breath

of the threat of the state

You’ve been given a clean slate

The filth purged by the blast

Of your desire to die.

You are now free

there is no axe hanging over your head

You’ve called the bluff of the man behind the skull

And he’s backed down by offering you palliatives

“Please don’t kill yourself” He says now

Trying to comfort you where he used to threaten you.

See who has the true power

For he is you!

Don’t take the pills

better to die with your eyes opened

Than live a life of mental castration.


I lived my life
Trying to control
But really

it wasn’t easy;
I struggled and strived
denied myself my…
Self. Tried to be…
someone else.

I didn’t know it
but the truth is
that laziness
is the way to
the truest self

The easiest path
is the easiest path
you want to walk it.

people strive
to be what they are not.

They live a lie of strife
a life of effort
for no reward.
No-one claps
there is no applause
and if there was
so what?

what can I do with applause?

This need we have
to convince people
to proove ourselves right
is nothing but a
struggle to hand over
our freedom to
come under

See when you see
that seeing is a slow
slow journey to

All people walk it
few of them know it
and eventually
everyone knows this.

If only for the moment
when your grandma dies
and leaves a wound and
you know, you
really know that
what matters doesn’t matter
that these standards
don’t matter!

That mattering can
smatter itself
across the cistern.

That what “matters”
has placed a barrier
between me and you
between me and my family
because I fail
I try and I fail
To live up to the

I feel guilt
that I’m not
what they admire
what they respect.

And this guilt
with downcast eyes
and stammering lips
weaves a disguise
before our very eyes
that hides from us both
the ones we want to know.

Not secretly
but openly
a family is fed upon
by a guilt
that restrains the lips
from uttering trivialities
and we watch
as our loved ones
disappear into

But death comes
and it shows us
through the tears
in the heart of the wound
that nothing matters
like we think it matters.

That my flaws are
just excuses for conversation
just things to say, admit
not to hide and justify.

That by being me
without restraint
is the way into the bosom of my family
because we’re all of one stock,
one blood, one lineage
let us compare notes
not give advice.

Let us come together
find what we have in common
uncover the stutters
and how we have dealt with them;
The social dis-ease
the low self-esteem
that doesn’t go
however we seem.

For me personally
it surrounds woman.
I hanker
for the female

The feisty female
solicits my advances;
but I stay back
In my eyes
I’m despised.

How could a woman
with hips and thighs
ever want to stare into these eyes?

I know,
I know,
I could wear a disguise
of adidas
and live a life
of work and strife
but that would
lead to a ball and chain
not a woman who’s mine
and who wants me.

Not some fiction
I create just to get
a whiff of fanny.