updated about page

I thought I’d write an updated about page for this blog.

I am trying to put across the idea that everyone is beautiful; that there is no need to hide.

That if you define perfect as singular then no-one will be able to define it, Let alone attain it.

But if you realise the truth; that we are all unique and that that uniqueness lies in our preferences and ways of being.

Then you will see that beauty is in the eye of the beholder: not some objective thing independent of any subject.

That there is no reason to be ashamed; we didn’t choose to be who we are; we didn’t choose the particular manifestation of reality we popped up as.

And don’t worry! For every size and shape of man/woman there’s an erect man and a wet woman.

And seriously now; go and examine for yourself your own thoughts and choices.

I don’t mean judge whether they are good or bad; I mean really look at what is happening when you make and act upon decisions?

And then justify hatred of anyone to me!

Really it’s to show that we are free despite our beliefs otherwise.

We weren’t given some contract to sign before entering life!

And get this right:

“Even if we were given a contract to sign we would need to have been given a previous contract to sign that contractually obliged us to abide by contracts!” I whisper in your ear just incase the paradox police are watching.

,Morality isn’t an objective fact. Something solid and immutable.

Moral statements are just disguised statements of preference.

We worry about approval so much as a species that people follow the traditional path blindly. Fearing the risk of deviating from the well trodden path.

Well wander my friend


wherever you go

you die at the end!


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