The real issue

Essentially what is happening with privatization is not the abolishment of the state.

Rather it is a change in how people get into positions where they can have power over how the state is run.

Basically people are saying that rich people would be a better bet than elected people.

They aren’t really saying anarchy at all. They’re just dogs who want to change the man who holds the leash.

Of course the current state of affairs is rubbish.

It allows a small group of people to amass for themselves what everyone else wants and with that to either buy elected people or train people to be elected.

Which is why we need to tackle that issue.

People say us lefties have no real solutions.

We do.

Do to the work place what we did to the government.

Swap corporations and agencies for co-ops.

Instead of 1 share (basically one lot of money) for 1 vote on who gets to make decisions in a company. Make it one worker 1 vote.

Exchange shareholders for stakeholders thus taking away one means by which the rich disproportionately enrich themselves.

It’s not the final solution but if there was one thing, one simple thing we could change to most effectively make things better quicker it would be that.

I actually think us on the left have made a huge mistake in going for equal rights between women and men and people of different races.

Not that I think they are unequal.

But that I think they all result from the basic form of exploitation in the workplace.

By going for those issues we have made ourselves battle on many fronts. Where if we tear down one inequality more subtle and worse forms of inequality arise.

I don’t give a fuck what colour, race or sex you are I want all of us to be paid what we really earn and to have an equal say in how work is organized and the products of Labour distributed.

That is the only issue.

The issue behind all the issues.


I have a dream

I dream that one day we can all communicate from reality.

A time when we won’t censure or fear to reveal. A time when politically correct will be insignificant when shock at words vanishes into the murky world of forgotten stupidities.

A time when we all unabashedly pour ourselves into the communal fiction.

When we finally own up to our own insignificance and revel in our lack of importance.

You may say that we need to hide certain things for our own protection. Sure but those things are trivial.

Is my bank account number and pin essential to me? No.

But the things that people are scared of revealing. Their wants, urges, dreams and preferences.

I include myself within this

I also partake of this bitter cup

This social incarceration within a prison of shame concerning the mundane, shared reality called Human.

And just think what society would be like if everyone freely declared their intentions and desires.

If everyone just laid their cards on the table and showed contempt for the kitty.

Realized that the kitty was the excuse to play and governed the game from that understanding.

But think of how much suffering would just vanish as people found their matches and left stagnant patches for fresh verdure because everyone knew everyone.

See I don’t fear being known the process of becoming known gives me performance anxiety though.

And this is the case for everyone.

My process of philosophy is phenomenology.

That is I spend all my time semi-watching myself from the awareness. I’ve talked of it in previous blogs but it’s essential characteristic is one of neutrality, it passively accepts all that comes within its domain.

From that place I watch all my activities and emotions and basically this is my commentary on that.

The world from the perspective of this awareness is reality and it is beautiful.

Recursively that description of how I do philosophy is itself an example of the act itself. That is it is a commentary on the activity of me philosophizing taken from the 1st person.

That comment also was.

Anyway seeing as how I’m human and we’re all human there’s going to be a lot of commonalty. And that’s the job of the philosopher.

He goes dredging in the dark,

pulls all into the light of reality,

brings it before your gaze and shows you

through a sign-post to your own experience,

your own capacity to authenticate,

that there’s nothing to fear

because we don’t matter

and our end is not in our own hands

and that now and all the nows

till the maybe not now

are actually pretty good

in the cold, warm light of reality.