You’re a commie but you probably don’t know it

Most people when you get down to it agree with communism but they don’t know its called communism, socialism or Marxism.

Because they don’t know what it is they think the USSR was communist.

It wasn’t.

During the 19th century there was a debate amongst the socialists about how to get the means of production out of the hands of private individuals and into the hands of the workers.

One side said that we could use the political institutions (like representative government) to peacefully gain control of the state.

Once control of the state was achieved then they could use the states power to take the means of production from private individuals and give it to society.

Then the state would give more power to the people. Eventually you would have a kind of anarchism. Where the state was either non existent or acted as a pragmatic help for the will of the people.

The only difference between the communists and the socialists was over how to gain control of the state.

The communists were for a violent take over.

Which they did in 1911 I think.

Lenin said that what they had then wasn’t communism but a step towards it.

A bit later Stalin said it was communism.

But it wasn’t because yes the state had taken the means of production but it hadnt given them to the society.

In effect the state became the sole capitalist (USSR, China and most so called communist nations are really examples of state capitalism)

It was a failed attempt at bringing about socialism. All because the attempts to bring it about have failed so far doesn’t mean it is bad or wrong.

All that failed attempts indicate is that a learning process is occurring.

There were numerous failed attempts before capitalism managed to take over from feudalism.

And many atrocities especially committed against children in the industrial revolution.


Sexual objectification

Sex object is one level of a man or a woman.

One of my favourite levels.

But there are others.

People are silly for denying the sex object level.

Why do you want to diminish yourself.

You’re a sex object, an intellectual mind, an emotional being and a spiritual entity.

All because you are a sex object doesnt mean you’re not anything else.

How I reconcile being a socialist whilst holding that everything is god

There’s 2 levels.

There’s the big picture and then there’s my character within the big picture.

The big picture is that I’m not in control. My choices and my actions arise from beyond me.

My desires and aggravation are part of the big picture.

So I can let this character called Chris Jack go on his mission and have his passions because they are there.

All because I dont have free will doesnt mean that I can’t exert myself to make my life and the life of others better as I see better.

The big picture is that god acts through us individuals.

That is individuals are the acts of god.

I think you can put all the ills in the world down to the fact that there is exploitation going on.

That’s what makes it so that I and almost everyone else can’t do what we want when we want as much as possible.

Just so a small group can do what they want when they want all the time.

It would be better – or more honestly – I would prefer it if we maximised and equalised the amount of time everyone could spend doing what they want when they want.

That’s what I want.

I want that because god or reality made me want it.

The capitalist wants what he wants because god made him want it.

And so the stage is set for god to have a good, old, dramatic scrap with himself.

You’re bothered by taxes? What about profit?

The problem isn’t the taxes.

It is the profit you make for the boss that is the problem.

For every hour someone works they give a significant portion of what they produce to a class of people that do nothing.

The bosses and shareholders.

But most people don’t see this because the amount is subtracted from the wage before it is put into a wage slip.

For example my boss is paid 14 pound an hour to hire me.

He does no work. Yet of that 14 pound I get 7 something and he gets the rest.

It should be mine.

Basically every hour I work half an hour for my money for myself and the other half im doing my job for nothing.

That is 50% of my income goes to my boss as profits.

It’s only like 10% of my income that goes to tax.

I’d be an idiot if I was angry about the 10% taken in tax (and thats 10% of the 50% my boss leaves me with) but not angry about the 50% my boss steals.

Especially considering what taxes are meant to be for (NHS, infrastructure, schools etc for everyone) and what the profit is for (yachts, mansions and fast cars for a few private individuals).

I must get my satisfaction.

We’re seeking satisfaction right.

That is what all pursuits are doing.

Fullness. Oneness. Wholeness. Health. Stoned. Drunk. Wealth. Whatever.

We’re seeking satisfaction.

We think that once this or that condition is met then we can sit down and be satisfied.

Once I have saved enough, when I have a house, a car, a holiday, when I am drunk or stoned then I can sit down and be satisfied.

And maybe the fundamental reason we are not satisfied is because we are seeking satisfaction.

All these conditions can be seen as excuses. Put offs. I’ll be happy then but not now.

Who told us we are unsatisfied and must be satisfied. Can you remember when you thought this through?


We assume we are unsatisfied and so look around for stuff to want.

That’s what boredom is right. Looking for stuff to want.

What if you stop seeking satisfaction and just be. Maybe then after you forget about satisfaction are you satisfied.

That’s what I think enlightenment is. And I think everyone flits in and out of it all the time.

My faith in christian language.

I’m in the intermediate state between fully trusting Christ.

In that I still think there is something I can say and some thing that they can follow that will save them.

But it is entirely the work of god.

That I am a mere spectator.

You know god is god.

God is god!

I’m not in charge.

I’ve tried and I still try to be in charge.

I still try to tell people what to do.

How to live their lives.

But faith is faith and sight is sight.

Faith is not sight.

I think I see what is the correct or best way to live life.

But that is not faith.

Faith is to know that god is in charge.

That things may not be going as I think they should but god is in charge.

That by me disagreeing with the way things are going.

And I do. I think they could be so much better.

But that is not faith.

The crux is the good news.

That god is in charge and that god is love.

That he has the best of intentions for us.

That everything that happens. Whether we think it good or evil is in the plan of god.

And he wills that none should perish.

So we or rather I beyond sight have faith in 2 things. Or maybe 3.

God is in charge.

God is responsible for everything.

God is both willing and able to fulfill his desires.

And he loves us.

That is the good news and the crux of my view of scripture and the world.

The whole thing is a work in progress.

And he is both willing and able to bring it all to a heavenly conclusion.

Everything in opposition to this is a lack of faith in god.

I am not in control of me or anyone else.

But god is..

And thank God that he is.

This is the faith that lets me wander and return.

To mess up sometimes or most of the time.

Because I believe that in the end he has me.

I don’t need to behave all the time.

I don’t mean I do things that hurt other people.

For me personally sometimes I get drunk.

According to some churches I live in sin with my girlfriend.

I work as a support worker.

I love my job. Bringing joy and looking after people who can’t look after themselves.

But sometimes I get drunk.

Sometimes I say I’ll do things and don’t do them.

But the good news is (at least as I see it) that this doesn’t matter.

Somebody else is in charge. Somebody much more capable than me. Somebody who knows and understands everything that is going on and has total control over it all.

So I don’t fight myself.

And the funny thing is I have found that by this not fighting myself or others I have become more and more stable as time has gone on.

Employement is slavery.

I’m not backing the claim that anyone is property.

Property is a fiction maintained by might.

But people who believe the fiction believe that their property is an extension of themselves therefore they look after it.

Like within the current worldsystem instead of slaves (property) we generally have employees.

The employees are very often exploited to the same degree as slaves.

But the employer unlike the slave owner doesn’t look after them as well.

Because the slave owner would see the slaves as an investment that decreases in value with bad treatment.

Whereas the employer don’t give a fuck.

When an employee is used up he just hires a new one.

A bit like how you would treat a car you bought compared to a car you rent.

Essentially the difference between a slave and an employee is the difference between owning and renting.

Oh and that employment is a much more subtle form of exploitation.

People think that all because they can choose who to slave for they are not slaves for some reason.

I still prefer my employment over slavery though.

I just think all forms of exploitation need to stop if humanity is to have any hope for the future.

Austerity is class warfare.

Austerity is class warfare.

They talk of how communism is bad but I ask “do you know what communism is?” And invariably the answer is no. They do not know.

In order for corporations to be deemed successful they must make more profit this year than they did last year.

Yes; cancer is the model they are working from.

Now the most effective way for them to increase profit is to decrease cost.

I know, I know I may sound a bit pedantic but bear with me.

How are they to cut cost?

Pay less for materials sure but how do the companies that produce those materials afford to sell them whilst maintaining profit growth?

It always comes down to the worker.

The worker takes a hit in the wallet so that growth can occur.

But wait. If the worker is getting paid less and less within a welfare state what will he do?

He won’t work.

And if that is allowed to happen then the employers would have to increase the workers wage to keep him working.

Supply and demand.

But the employers don’t want to do that and they got the money.

So they have bought the state apparatus and are now dismantling the welfare state.

Why? I hear you ask.

Because the employers want to be the only means of survival the worker has.

The employer wants all the leverage.

So the employer has to keep the employed at subsistence level.

They’ve also bought the media and have conned the working class into wanting this.

Have you seen shows like benefit street and all the shows about bailiffs? That’s capitalist propaganda right there.

I am of the working class. I am working class through and through.

Sadly as a result of inflation and the amount of work my class has to do we’ve been made stupid.

It’s not our fault.

A 40 hour work week doesn’t really leave much energy to educate yourself.

Sadly the working class has become like sheep bleating to be turned into a roast dinner for the employers.

We are living in the most effective propaganda machine the world has ever seen.

And to bring it to point.

They want you working longer.

They want you to work till you drop.

Why? Because they want to maximize profit. And it’s Labour that produces profit.

So they want to, nay they need to squeeze every last drop of Labour out of every single worker in order to maintain this insanity of constant growth of profits.

Where does this inevitably lead?

It leads to your granny working in a sweat shop for pennies so she can buy the product of an hour of her labour with a month of her wages.

In case you are wondering communism is the realization that this is the state of affairs and the movement by the working class to take back the product of their Labour from those who have taken it without working for it.

Do you see why capitalist propaganda has turned it into such a bogey man?

Eschatological maturity

“The throngs were astonished at His teaching for he was teaching them as one having authority” Matt 7:29



“Who is the image of the invisible God… Firstborn from among the dead” Col 1:15 – 18



“To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of the heavens, yet to those it has not been given” Matt 13:11



“According as Moses exalts the serpent in the wilderness, thus must the son of mankind be exalted” John 3:14




There is an inner and an outer teaching in scripture.



The outer is governed by law. According to the outer teaching the function of the law is to be obeyed.



The inner teaching is one of Man being brought to maturity. That is to Godhood. A place where he like God stands on his own two feet and assesses the situation. Where he speaks with his own authority.



So with Eve once the serpent had spoken to her it says “Then the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it brought a yearning to the eyes and that the tree was desirable for gaining insight” Gen 3:6. This wasn’t a false seeing for God confirms it “Behold man has become as one of us in knowing good and evil” Gen 3:22.┬áThat indeed the fruit had brought insight and indeed – as the serpent had said – the fruit had made them more like God.



Adam and Eve didn’t fall when they ate of the tree.



Oh no!



They fell when instead of saying “Oi God why did you tell us not to eat of the tree? Why did you want to keep us in ignorance?” they cowered and said “It wasn’t my fault she/the snake made me do it.”



An Adult, a mature person is unconcerned with obedience or disobedience. Of course they don’t want to get hurt which is why an adult says “All things are lawful to me but not all things are expedient” 1 cor 10:23. You can trap your dick in the door if you want but it will hurt.



Adam and Eve were not functioning on that level. They were not thinking for themselves. They were not mature.


To be continued…




Service to god

A servant is a fake. That is the essence of servitude.
The definition of fake is unfreedom. What you do from freedom is real and is you.
Of course from this angle even your servitude is real. You from a position of freedom chose slavery.
What is this slavery. It is where someone else acts through you. 
You are already a slave of god. A perfect slave.
Where do you think your thoughts come from. They just pop into your awareness from you know not where. They are God’s thoughts all of them the good and the bad. Everything. There is no escaping god.
I create good and evil he says the light and dark.
What bigger concept can you have than that.
You want to do something better that cannot be done any better than it is already being done.
Now my advice to you is this. Float don’t cling. Follow the easy path.
Not because it is good or that god will be pleased. You are already in whatever state you are in a perfect manifestation of God’s will. Bit when you cling you suffer and if you’re anything like me you don’t like suffering.
Rest and know that I am god