Eschatological maturity

“The throngs were astonished at His teaching for he was teaching them as one having authority” Matt 7:29



“Who is the image of the invisible God… Firstborn from among the dead” Col 1:15 – 18



“To you it has been given to know the secrets of the kingdom of the heavens, yet to those it has not been given” Matt 13:11



“According as Moses exalts the serpent in the wilderness, thus must the son of mankind be exalted” John 3:14




There is an inner and an outer teaching in scripture.



The outer is governed by law. According to the outer teaching the function of the law is to be obeyed.



The inner teaching is one of Man being brought to maturity. That is to Godhood. A place where he like God stands on his own two feet and assesses the situation. Where he speaks with his own authority.



So with Eve once the serpent had spoken to her it says “Then the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it brought a yearning to the eyes and that the tree was desirable for gaining insight” Gen 3:6. This wasn’t a false seeing for God confirms it “Behold man has become as one of us in knowing good and evil” Gen 3:22. That indeed the fruit had brought insight and indeed – as the serpent had said – the fruit had made them more like God.



Adam and Eve didn’t fall when they ate of the tree.



Oh no!



They fell when instead of saying “Oi God why did you tell us not to eat of the tree? Why did you want to keep us in ignorance?” they cowered and said “It wasn’t my fault she/the snake made me do it.”



An Adult, a mature person is unconcerned with obedience or disobedience. Of course they don’t want to get hurt which is why an adult says “All things are lawful to me but not all things are expedient” 1 cor 10:23. You can trap your dick in the door if you want but it will hurt.



Adam and Eve were not functioning on that level. They were not thinking for themselves. They were not mature.


To be continued…





Service to god

A servant is a fake. That is the essence of servitude.
The definition of fake is unfreedom. What you do from freedom is real and is you.
Of course from this angle even your servitude is real. You from a position of freedom chose slavery.
What is this slavery. It is where someone else acts through you. 
You are already a slave of god. A perfect slave.
Where do you think your thoughts come from. They just pop into your awareness from you know not where. They are God’s thoughts all of them the good and the bad. Everything. There is no escaping god.
I create good and evil he says the light and dark.
What bigger concept can you have than that.
You want to do something better that cannot be done any better than it is already being done.
Now my advice to you is this. Float don’t cling. Follow the easy path.
Not because it is good or that god will be pleased. You are already in whatever state you are in a perfect manifestation of God’s will. Bit when you cling you suffer and if you’re anything like me you don’t like suffering.
Rest and know that I am god

Come on Corbyn!

I think terrorism and immigration are the result of something deeper and more nefarious.

In fact I think their main function is one of distraction.

It is well documented that the actions of Britain and America have created is. 

But beyond even that. Society is made up of 2 fundamental classes. The exploited and the exploiter.

The only real issue is that exploitation is the system we live in and this fact is what gives rise to everything else. 

If you deal with immigration new even worse ills will arise (for instance the increased automation of jobs. Instead of an immigrant taking your job it will be a robot)

Corbyn is the only mp who is dealing with the fundamental issue and the establishment is shitting themselves. 

For example: 0 hour contracts are things that give more power to the exploiters. When the situation changes and your exploitation ceases to be profitable then they can just get rid of you.

Why do you think immigration gets so much coverage in the media? It’s a punch and Judy show to distract you while they put the shackles on.


We think we want to be special but what does it mean to be special?

It’s an assignation. It exists in the interstitial space between objects. It is a judgement of relation between things.

This is different, unique, unparallelled.

But once you see you’re special so what. Each snowflake is unique but does the snowflake get anything out of it?

So i’m special. I’m awesome. So what. The awesomeness is a tag put on at the end. The little bow on the top of the hamper that lets us know that the contents are worth something.

But in the enjoyment of the hamper, as it’s consumed there’s no consumption of the awesome. It’s carried over. That will be awesome. That is awesome. That was awesome.


We don’t really want it.

It’s tat.

What we really want is mum to hold us in her arms like she did when we were young. 

We want to play in the mud with each other again. Have that intense interaction with one another children have so easily when they are constructing twig dams and rolling down hills.

We’ve had it denied to us through our conditioning. We’ve lost play and been taught to want to be special.

We’re all consumed by the drive to get (what turn out to be) tags. Accolades. Estimations.

We’ve forgotten it’s ourselves who are the consumers of ourselves. We have to enjoy being us whatever accolade we’re given.

I may be miserable but at least… at least what. Fuck it whatever it is. But i tried, but i’m strong, but i’m different.

No no no fuck it truly into the ground. They’re fictions and we’re real. Don’t bargain yourself away for a tatty accolade enjoy yourself.

Enjoy your self!

The narcissist’s dream

The trap can be encapsulated in an image.

There is a stage and on this stage is a dancing woman. The crowd stares in wonder as she convulses to the rythym.


This image is repeated again and again in popular media.

The clubs are full of individuals all on their seperate stages surrounded by their own gawping spectators.

The music industry has flooded the public consciousness with vacuous dreams of celebraty.

Everyone’s walking around; the central protagonist in their private drama where stuff matters and where what happens is important.

But it’s not. It’s all trash and the masses have gobbled it up.

Oh she said this and he did that.

She called me a slag oh no oh no what am i going to do they criticized my parenting style.

It’s all tat and people have wilfully impaled themselves onto mediocrity. Onto a humdrum existence with no depth, no insight. A black and white 2 dimensional existence.

Despratly they try to maintain the extreme emotional high of the fashionably late entrance.

It’s all a scream for attention but when the spotlight’s on them what have they actually got to say? A schoolgirl scream as a factory produced dream streams nonsense into a microphone.

And the worst of it is that this vacuity is miserable. The stage is an arduous trap. It’s a strain. The narcissist’s dream is a hell for the narcissist as well you know.

What should we work towards.

Ethics is a thick tangle of a puzzle isn’t it?

It seems that for every person you ask they have a different idea concerning what is good and what is bad.

Once you let go of the idea that good and bad have any existence in themselves that would force us to construct them in a particular way we can become more practical in our thinking about them.

The first step is to realise that moral statements are really statements of preference. Their content is determined through the collusion of an individuals desires and his empirical context.

For an individual it is easy to discover what is good. He just asks himself what it is he wants.

The problem of ethics arises in the interaction of many individuals. What should humans as a whole do and call good.

I think it needs to be as general an ethic as possible. It must allow the widest range of freedom; give the freest rein to individual preference.

We should as a species seek to maximise the amount each individual member can do what they want to do when they want to do it.

The language of modern love

The christmas tree shines its desperate appeal to togetherness
But behind it shines the glare of todays alonenes

we hide behind these symbols

a barricade against the empty glaciers of life as it is.

There is no security and our search for the secure loses for us the very thing we’re seeking to secure.

Two people barricaded behind the walls they’ve secured to protect themselves against that which they seek.

Two seperate languages spoken in silence a silence un broachable an isolatiotion unspeakable.

Even when spoken it lies un interpretabable.

A frozen heart unthawable that shatters with heat. The german and english desperate to not shoot but the only language available are brazen jacket shells that tear and distort.

A constant distortion of love pleas twisted into knife stabs and wounds.


We shatter ourselves on ourselves left with our torn selves and empty wrapping paper.

A broken promise, a dead butterfly and a crushed crysalis

If only we could speak the speech of broken hearts and pusy cysts.

Live an ugly life of this and this

Forsake the shoulds and oughts give a fuck you to the massed prescriptions but no all that’s left is a grotty cyst that  hides the promise of what could of behind the supercilious should of.

On authority

This idea of authority – and especially authority in matters of truth – is false and misleading.

Even on the level of a boss being over you at your workplace. His authority over you is borrowed from you. You have to at every command he gives deliberately choose to obey him.

Sure there may be repercussions to you not obeying him; like you’ll lose your job but you chose to take the job.

There are repercussions to not having a job; like losing your house and so on. All these though are things you have taken upon yourself. You could live like a tramp… the tramps do. There are even people who choose that life.

So what stops you from choosing it? That you don’t like it? I bet you do plenty of things that you don’t like to do all the time.

Have you noticed how malleable your preferences are?

Anyway on matters of truth authority is especially inane.

There may be instances where you go to someone for information. Say you have a project to complete in a limited amount of time and there is an area within the project that requires information from a subject with which you are unfamiliar.

That isn’t so much what I’m getting at but even there you are judging whether you trust the other to be honest and competent. Plus it’s only for a small thing, a bit-part for something bigger.

Even here if you’re wise you would interrogate who-ever you are getting the information from so that you understand it. That is to say so that you can be more certain of its veracity and efficacy.

When someone says you have to take what they say on faith it generally means that they don’t know what they are talking about or that they have some nefarious intent behind what they are telling you.

The fact is that if someone else can be an authority then so can you. It may take patience and a bit of work to understand a thing but those attributes are things that can be put into practice by anyone and you know – don’t you – when you understand something?

Until that flash of cognition occurs don’t you stumble around in uncertainty even if you are following orders?

It’s like playing a game. You can either figure it out yourself or use a manual.

Even with the use of the manual there is a feeling of uncertainty because you don’t get the inner logic of what you are doing. But once you do get it you know it and walk forwards with a sure foot.

With all the big questions in life such as “Is there a god?” and “How should I live?” there is a surplus of time to ponder them. There is more than enough time in a year let alone a life time to settle these questions for yourself without the need for authority. In fact even a short time and a brief survey of the literature on those questions will destroy your esteem for authority.

It’s a short step, but a long journey of letting go, from there to a place where you exchange authority for seeing!

Break the shell

The path to maturity, enlightenment or whatever you want to call it is one of self-liberation.

I don’t know if this is scientific fact but never-the-less this image serves to illuminate the process I am talking about.

I think that the reason a chick breaks free of its egg is because the environment of the egg becomes intolerable for it.

Think about it. At first the chick is just a blastoma. It is barely visible on the surface of the yolk but it grows and it grows and it grows. Eventually the egg must become incredibly claustrophobic and as the yolk is consumed the chick is deprived of its sustenance.

So it nuts the wall in frustration and lo and behold light breaks through. It does it again and after a while the egg is destroyed and the chick stumbles around in the light of day.

For us in our lives the egg is the social construct we are born into. We suffer frustration largely due to how we think about things. This frustration causes us to seek, to go into fantasy, fiction, science, religion and drugs.

All the so called ills of society are nothing but people trying to break free from the egg in a manner that their society frowns upon.

The shell resists our efforts. It tries to make us insane.

We are born with desires and instincts. These desires and instincts determine how we react and develop in response to societal pressures the first of which would be our parents.

I think largely the effectiveness of the parental influence is in their actions of praise and blame. That is what they do. What determines how we react to that is our genetics.

Eventually though we get so pissed off that we are left with one of two options. Either we can go into a lonely state where we watch ourselves. Not from the good/bad dichotomy we are conditioned into but from a state akin to the scientist examining bacteria.

We can either do this or we go insane. That is we perpetuate our own and others suffering through ignorance. We see on some level that the shell is causing us pain but instead of nutting the shell we self-mutilate or self-lobotamise. Anything for the sake of the shell even if it’s at the expense of ourselves.

You see this in how people constantly complain about their lives and their woes but they never ever get beyond that. Like a child nutting the floor to hurt its parents they continue in cyclical patterns of behaviour and retort “You don’t know me, don’t judge me” when you offer a higher-order way of dealing with and looking at problems. This is insanity.

The Etonian Fig-Plucker

We live in an age of stupidity

When people are offended by words

But not poverty.

We elect a pig-fucking monstrosity

Whose sole intent is to ensure

The perpetuation of inequality

Coz he’s rich, you see

While you and me live in penuary

He doesn’t care about us

To him we’re just dicks full of pus

We should smack him in the face

With a red double decker bus.

This poem is about David Cameron.

This poem isn’t about David Cameron.

Look behind the puppet

to the system of the contraption

the strings that dangle us all

And shut us up with an election.