The Problematics of Understanding and Explaining Articulated via inept painting


Today I’ve been messing around with painting.

Now don’t go expecting any masterpiece because this is the first time I’ve played with paint since I was at school.

As is ever the case with me I am attempting to convey a meaning or realization. In this case it is about how any attempt to understand anything using language or logic (which is a kind of language after all) is futile.

So here is the artist’s (me) intended meaning for his painting:

The circle represents the world.

The various coloured segments (which should look like hexagons) represent our attempt to understand the world using language.

I chose hexagons because they can be made up out of a shape consisting of 3 lines. 1 line goes straight up and the other 2 go off in opposite directions.

The Problem of Understanding and Explaining via Inept Paint Play

This shape symbolises a simple sentence which is significant because all sentences (at least in the English language) can be reduced to simple sentences.

I won’t go into the deeper significance of this concept here because I have already described it in here.

The two purple lines that dissect in two in rose coloured lines represent how man is trapped in his attempt to understand the world if that attempt is made using language.

The chaos at the centre of the circle represents the increasing complexity that arises with each attempt at explaining causal phenomena.

The trap and the increasing complexity I have already described here.