Advaita via Collage

image (3)

So yesterday I did this: my first collage since school.

I want to enter as many worlds of play as possible. Develop as many skills as possible because it is through skills that we grow into our possibilities as a person. We gain more means by which to express our being.

All art has many interpretations; this is why there are many answers to the question: “What does this piece mean?”

I don’t really think that the artist’s intended meaning is as important as the inexhaustible interpretations any piece of art has.

This is because art acts as a mirror into which we can stare at our more hidden selves.

Art as a Rorschach test if you will.

But saying that; here is my intended meaning for the piece:

The 5 eyes on the fingers and thumb represent the 5 senses.

The faces at the top and bottom; the one wearing sun-glasses and the other with her eyes closed, represent our manifestation into the world of sensory experience.

The 5 different coloured lines connecting the 5 eyes on the fingers and thumbs to the face with closed eyes and the 5 different coloured lines connecting the face with the closed eyes to the face with the glasses represent our contact with the other via the 5 senses.

The concept here is that the other’s inner being is not disclosed to us via the 5 senses.

Now we come to the eye in the palm of the hand and the eye on the forehead of the woman at the top.

These eyes symbolise awareness itself.

Awareness is the same for everyone and I like the idea of Advaita – or non-duality – that claims that awareness is universal. That what is looking out through our 5 senses is the same thing in all of us.

So I linked the 2 eyes that represent awareness via a purple line because purple is a royal colour.

The concept here is that by looking inwards instead of outwards we find the other’s inner being in our own inner being.

The eye in the palm is surrounded by cuttings I took from the sky to represent the peace that stepping back into this awareness gives.