The real issue

Essentially what is happening with privatization is not the abolishment of the state.

Rather it is a change in how people get into positions where they can have power over how the state is run.

Basically people are saying that rich people would be a better bet than elected people.

They aren’t really saying anarchy at all. They’re just dogs who want to change the man who holds the leash.

Of course the current state of affairs is rubbish.

It allows a small group of people to amass for themselves what everyone else wants and with that to either buy elected people or train people to be elected.

Which is why we need to tackle that issue.

People say us lefties have no real solutions.

We do.

Do to the work place what we did to the government.

Swap corporations and agencies for co-ops.

Instead of 1 share (basically one lot of money) for 1 vote on who gets to make decisions in a company. Make it one worker 1 vote.

Exchange shareholders for stakeholders thus taking away one means by which the rich disproportionately enrich themselves.

It’s not the final solution but if there was one thing, one simple thing we could change to most effectively make things better quicker it would be that.

I actually think us on the left have made a huge mistake in going for equal rights between women and men and people of different races.

Not that I think they are unequal.

But that I think they all result from the basic form of exploitation in the workplace.

By going for those issues we have made ourselves battle on many fronts. Where if we tear down one inequality more subtle and worse forms of inequality arise.

I don’t give a fuck what colour, race or sex you are I want all of us to be paid what we really earn and to have an equal say in how work is organized and the products of Labour distributed.

That is the only issue.

The issue behind all the issues.


Do you even know what you are arguing for or against

What is communism?

Another question:
What is capitalism?

Another question:
What is Marxism?

Now you can go out and buy books on these things.

You can school yourself on them.

You can learn the arguments for and against.

Then compare the theory to the practice.

Practice often fails because we are dealing with the issue of playing against yourself at chess. You always cheat.

So the practice of any of these systems (And there are good and bad examples on both sides. There are Hitlers on the side of capitalism and Maos on the communist side) is no criticism of the system itself.

Unless that is you can derive the bad practice from the logic of the system itself.

I mean people claim to support capitalism but they don’t know who Adam Smith is or hayek… they literally don’t have a clue what they are supporting.

And they say communism is bad but haven’t read any Marx or Engels.

They have no grasp of the theory.

Therefore their opinion is as worthless as my opinion concerning cars.

My knowledge extends to saying “that is a blue car”.

They are like I would be if I advised you on the relative benefits of a turbo over a turbo charger.

I don’t know the difference but a turbo is better.

More on anarchy

I think anarchism is the natural state; a state that allows all things and generally results in the strong oppressing the weak. Anarchy is actually reality. What we can do as humans is seek to establish fictions on top of reality that serve our purposes.

If you’re strong and wealthy then you seek to establish a fiction that maintains your position. This would be an anti-anarchic propaganda because you don’t want the people you are standing on to realize that your position is up for grabs.

Anarchy is the starting point; the natural state if you will. I think as humans we can (and all of our most esteemed acheivements have (medicine, technology etc)) supercede nature.

I think we should supercede anarchy in favor of a state that allows the most people the most freedom; allows them to pursue what interests and builds them.

But alas I think the best we can do is to bring a brief respite from anarchy every now and then until it inevitably re-establishes itself. Because anarchy is reality and all political/moral systems are fictions that anarchy allows to thrive for a bit until something more powerful comes along.

Thoughts inspired from Pilger’s documentaries

I’ve been watching a lot of John Pilger’s documentaries on youtube recently and it’s brought me to seriously consider what is the cause of the 3rd world and the maintaining of the dire conditions.

It is a dialectic with 3 moments.

The developed country’s workers acting as consumers. The 3rd world’s workers acting as producers. The system by which shareholders make profit from the relationship between the consumers and producers. The workers in the west consume the products from the east and make profits for the shareholders.

A lot of the propaganda surrounding this subject fixates upon the developed world’s workers. It says that if we stopped consuming the cheap produce created off the back of the cheap labour cough slavery cough then the problem would cease.

I don’t think that would be the case at all. The people in the middle making money off the backs of the other 2 groups would just con the developed world into consuming other goods that are also made through slavery (let’s just call it what it is). Just look at the healthy food and vegan movements.

But it is true that if we in the developed world ceased to consume then the motive for the exploitation of the 3rd world would vanish. That isn’t going to happen.

The problem is the working class (and I love the working class being a cleaner for an evil contractor myself) are so easy to manipulate because humans in the main are stupid. They aren’t interested in knowing about stuff for themselves because they are interested in the more important business of life such as socializing, family and enjoying themselves with each other. I’m not for a second saying this is bad because I honestly believe this basic human way of living is what makes humans beautiful.

Anyway this being the case once you have tricked 9/10s of a population that they have to work stupid hours then it’s easy with the rest of the time to convince them to bleat for their own slaughter.

Another way of removing the problem would be if the 3rd world workers revolted. Again though this has happened multiple times and the industrial/military machine with its frightening might has just used it as an excuse to worsen the current dire state of affairs.

To be continued…


This whole immigration thing is nonsense.
There are people who are systematically and consciously fucking us over, paying us shit wages, selling expensive products and just generally making life shit for everyone else.

They not only tax you but also deflate the value of money so that whatever money you have left after tax is worth less and less over time. These systems of pillage that are against us are evident and easy to perceive if you only look.

These people create stories to justify or excuse the butt rape they give us. Immigration is just one of these stories.
They say “It’s not our fault that we have to pay you less than your labour is worth because there are loads of immigrants!”
Take away the immigrants and nothing would change they would just get another story up and running and continue fleecing you.
The problem is that most people don’t know who, what or where the real cause of their suffering is and they won’t even bother trying to look for themselves.
Instead they get sucked into booing who the media boos.
They do this because being sodomized when you don’t want to be sodomized is incredibly frustrating.
The powers that be play upon this frustration and get you to dissociate your frustration from what causes it (Not having enough money, freedom etc) and then say “Look, look this immigrant (tramp, drug addict, terrorist, communist etc) he’s the villain, he’s the baddie. Shout and scream at him!”
The problem is that this means that for the majority of people even if they managed to successfully rid themselves of their perceived problem it will do nothing to alleviate their actual woes.
People are constantly attacking the leaves of the thistle whilst leaving the roots undisturbed.

Know your enemy. See that the powerless and poor immigrants, drug-addicts and people on benefits are not the cause because they are powerless!

New Atheism (aka that movement with a door-kin at the from)

I watched a documentary called “The Unbelievers” on netflix recently. It followed Richard Dawkins and Lauwance Krauss as they toured various auditoriums and rallies.

One thing I quickly noticed was the religious fervour of these atheists. I saw how dogmatical and evangelical they had become.

These are the signs of belief systems that have lost their kernel of belief. They are the death-throes of an ideology.

That ideology is Positivism.

Man stubbornly clings in his deluded pride to the belief that he can know everything. As he loses the faith in his pride he clutches out to others to confirm that “Yes, yes! I’m right aren’t I? We can know can’t we?”. To confirm that he is who he thought he was.

This is why the Atheist doesn’t just enter into combat with the theist but both theist and atheist join forces against philosophy.

Philosophy points to both naked emperors and says “None of you are wearing clothes you buffoons!”

Philosophy says “To answer the question “where did the universe come from?” you would need to step outside before the event and watch the fucking thing”

Philosophy says “Empiricism is your base assumption! All you can do is observe and describe. What you call an explanation is merely taking a description to a more general or specific level”

And Philosophy finally says, gritting it’s teeth and wiping the sweat off it’s brow “Atheism is a meta-physical claim. You are actually making a claim about what came before the big bang. A claim you have no means of falsifying!

“And sure Hawkins picture of how you could dig something out of nothing was pretty. The story it presented was one among many non-falsifiable stories. No different in verifiability to the God hypothesis.

“Oh begone from me you myth-mongers! All pushing your tales on me and swearing their true”

But these enlightenment fossils stamp their feet in childish tantrums; screaming at reality “YOU ARE KNOWABLE!” As if tantrums ever got ice-creams off a good mummy 😛

The Aberrant is the Monster of Society and Society is the Monster of the Aberrant; The grounds for true compassion!


Tis a sad thing that few realize
That all are retards or none are;

That we are all abnormalities
Born with unchosen deformities;

That to call one shameful and evil
Is to call all shameful and evil.


If instead

We realize the truth:
That good and bad are nothing
But ways of saying:

I don’t like this”
And “I like that”

That give the illusion

That justifies the vicious acts
the likes of which were used
As the excuse to commit the acts.

Justice is ever the cover for man’s bestiality.

Have you ever looked

Into the eyes

Of a man

As he describes

What he’d like to do to those “evil” men!

And seen the same “evil”….


Right back out at you.

As if it’s a dog on a leash

Just raring to go.

The collar, my friend, is untied by Justice!

No-one was born,
Given a contract to sign
Then told to live accordingly!

We were born free!

We washed up on the shores of life

Through no will of our own.

We owe no-one nothing!

And guilt is ever the illusion

Of the man who believed

The man at the docks who said

Gotta give us something

To be here mate! It’s only fair!”

And if a man wishes to murder
Who are we to say he’s wrong
In any inaccessibly objective metaphysical sense;
Because all we’re really saying
When we say

Murder is wrong!”
“I don’t want to die, please don’t kill me!”

We have to be honest

About the basis
Of our legal system!

It just so happens the majority
Share preferences
That the majority finds bearable.

So we

The majority

Gang up on the “Aberrant”
On the “Freak”

On the “Retard”

And the “Criminal”

And with no justification

Other than might

We deny them the
Ability for fulfilment.

And I whole-heartedly participate


I don’t want to get hurt,


I want to keep my stuff


I want to live in a world
Where we can all dance

Our freaky dances fearlessly

But there are those whose dance

We cannot tolerate.

We cannot like

Because it stops our dance.

So we gang up
And beat up
Those who can’t step to our rhythm.

To make ourselves feel better

We create the myth of morality,
Of justice!

To cover up the brute fact
Of the brute bullies we really are!

Do you accept this truth?

I do!

But it leaves a foul taste in my mouth.

I must wash it out!
But what’s the answer?

My answer? kind sir:

If the resources are sufficient
Then comfortable accommodations
Are most pertinent.

If not then we are left with the question:

A quick painless death
Or a lifetime in horrid conditions.

Which would you prefer?

Given the choice
I’d give society’s victims the choice.

Seeing as it’s his fate to be decided.

The aberrant

Is a monster to society

And society

Is a monster to the aberrant!

Dialogue between an old man and a young man

Young Man: You’re an apologetic thinker

Old Man: I’m who I am. Not by my choice; but by the choice of the one who’s in control. [He means the biblical God]

Young Man: You could be open-minded like me. Instead of being a Liverpool fan clinging to the post bleating “we are the best” no matter what. You could be free to frolic in the sunny gardens where you can say a team is best because it’s scored more goals or something.

Old Man: I believe in the Christian God because I know; I’ve had a revelation. So have you! I choose to believe; you don’t.

Young Man: I don’t choose to believe or not believe. What’s the difference anyway? Belief and non-belief are fictions we create to give ourselves a means of creating an identity. To confirm to ourselves we’re here and we’re who we want to think we are.

Old Man: Will you choose to comment back? You have a choice; we all have.

Young Man: “I don’t choose to believe or not believe – – – what’s the difference anyway? Belief and non-belief are fictions we create to give ourselves a means of creating an identity.”

That was my comment back.

Old Man: That was your choice. So you had a choice! You also have a choice to accept your revelation from God; instead you chose the world.

And how’s it working out?!?!

Young Man:…/more-on…/

I did accept my revelation. I just saw that it was the same thing that had been given to millions of others with hundreds of mutually exclusive beliefs.

Old Man: And all from the one same [bilical] God.

Young Man: If that’s what floods your penis with blood then I don’t see why you shouldn’t go on believing it.

Old Man: I don’t understand why you have to drag the conversation down to the level of personal private parts…

Young Man: I like the level of the personal private parts. Think of me as some centipedy grub wrapped round your hard on, with a proboscis inserted into your japs eyes, that has one of those ball like things sliding up its length like a mosquito sucking blood as I extract whatever it is you keep in that shrivelled hole!

Old man: I would never ever have talked to an Old Man the way you have talked to me! The sad drop in standards of this generation does not surprise me at all.

Young Man: It’s not a drop in standards; but an increase in freedom. I talk to you like I do to anyone. Rather than hiding it away and only furtively beating up the man of the cloth whilst Napoleon is out conquering the dirty houses; I nakedly luxuriate in the living room (whilst my mum’s watching on the buses) masturbating to rape porn and spunking on the dogs.

Old Man: No, Young Man! It is a massive drop in standards. We had more freedom years ago when I was your age.

You are just making excuses for your terrible and disgusting behaviour.

The way you treat yourself and others is awful.

Young Man: I treat no-body terribly. It is the stupid ideals you defend that forced people into ugly masks that is the disgusting behaviour you are referring to.

I treat everyone as adults.

You are just illegitimately extending the rules of your stupid sub-culture to include everyone. Sorry mate but you’ve gotta open your eye’s and see the beautiful fact that we can live out our freaky dances in freedom!

And standards!?

Whose standards would these be?

Who chose them?

I certainly didn’t choose them!

So you know what I’m gonna do with them? I’m gonna fucking defenestrate them! That’s what I’m gonna do. If you had two synapses to rub together you’d do the same.

It’s you and you’re stupid traditions and standards that have made the world the shit hole it is today: where everyone wears too much make-up and are too concerned with how they appear.

They constantly feel the need to consume because your fucktard of a generation has left everyone feeling guilty and ashamed when they don’t need to be.

It’s to alleviate the pain of the false guilt and shame that they have to consume and consume.

It’s because or your ideals and beliefs that the world is fucked up Old Man

And all because I treat myself in a manner you wouldn’t want to treat yourself doesn’t mean that the way I treat myself is wrong. It just means you would prefer to treat yourself differently. Most of how you treat yourself is driven by a concern about what the Jones’ will think of you anyway.

I’m a free individual and from the perspective of a trapped individual I appear aberrant. I am; but that’s because you (like most people) are trapped by your need to get other people to believe what you believe just so you can confirm to yourself you’re the man you want to be.

Whereas I’m free to explore idea-space fearlessly having left behind the illusion of an identity and the exhausting effort it takes to maintain one.

Old Man: People see how you treat yourself and it has an effect on others.

You can believe whatever you want. What you need is some common decency which is very sadly lacking.

Young Man: Often “effect on others” is just a term we use to justify being dictators to others.

I don’t like the way you behave or your sub-culture and I’m going to express that dislike by saying “It has an effect on me” when the only effect it has on you is your stupid opinion regarding that behaviour which ain’t yours anyway. It has been brainwashed into you by your parents social milieu and your own social milieu.

You need to discover who you are Old man cause currently you’re just a puppet dangling on the strings controlled by the media and powers that be. You’re just an empty clone of a man who repeats what he’s heard again and again.

The lights are on Old Man but I’m afraid no-one’s home.

The working class hoodwinked

The hatred that is directed towards people on benefits by those in the working class shows the level to which the working class man has been brain-washed by the corporate controlled media (read propaganda) outlets.


The working man is in a situation that causes him great frustration. It is necessary that he be frustrated because if he wasn’t frustrated he wouldn’t work. That is to say he works for an end, to be frustrated means not to have achieved that end and he works precisely to achieve that end. If a man achieved the end he was working towards then he would have no reason to work. Therefore it is necessary that he be given enough to whet his appetite but not enough to satiate him.


The cause of his frustration is his work, his lack of funds and lack of financial stability. None of these things are caused by people on benefits. They are the result of him not being paid the full value of his labor. They are the result of the deliberate actions of the executive bodies of corporate companies and a result of the very structure of the commercial system.


Despite this his ire is not directed towards the causes of his frustration; rather they are directed towards inconsequential peripheries.


It’s really quite diabolical (in a sense that deserves admiration and wonder) the way in which the powers that be have gained control over the working man. Not only have they taken away from him any effective means to produce change but they have made it so that the change he seeks to produce – even if he were successful – would not do anything to alleviate his frustration. In fact often it would do the very opposite.


If the aim of the common working man in regards to people on benefits were achieved it would make the working man’s lot worse because it would increase the supply of labor which decreases its value. In fact this is the reason given by most working-class people against immigration. People come over, flood the labor market and reduce wages…. what difference is there between people on benefits entering the labor market and people from abroad? 


This is symptomatic of the stupidity the common man has been brain-washed into.

What’s the Greatest Achievement of Mankind to Date? The NHS!

Before I go on to explain the means by which the naive mass of mankind is duped into crying out for its own downfall in the case of things like the work-placement scheme and workhouses I want to look at the NHS. The reason here is that I think the prevalent opinion of the masses with regard to the NHS is one of the most acute examples of the unwitting will to self-destruction that the masses have.


So the NHS I would argue is the greatest single achievement mankind has yet achieved. I mean sure there are amazing feats of architecture and the scientific break-throughs which have enabled the NHS have every right to claim the mantle of greatness but the accolade “The greatest” properly belongs to free-health-care. This is the ultimate – though maybe unspoken – aim that man had in mind when he started hanging out with his fellow man. The only thing that could match it would be free food and shelter for all and if mankind has any ounce of wisdom that would be the end to which all human intellectual endeavor would be working right now! It just shows have dense we are as a species that this is not the case! Rather we spend more money on blowing each up then figuring free-energy, free-food, and space colonization.


Think about how vital and brilliant the NHS is. It basically assures us all – when it is working properly (and the only reason it fails to work properly is lack of funding despite the propaganda the media defecates daily) – that when the shit hits the fan, when you are desperately ill or injured that you have access to the best that man has yet come up with in terms of treatment! That no matter who you are, what you have done, or how much money you have managed to accrue that someone highly skilled is going to do their damned hardest to make sure you get better and you don’t have to worry about the money!!!!! I mean that’s glorious!!!


The doctors and nurses of the NHS are the true – – – and I hesitate to say it, but I feel it – – – and only heroes of the modern age. I mean in the sense of the avengers and heroes as portrayed in comic books. Sure there are people who do random acts of heroism but their job isn’t to be a hero. The police may be candidates for hero status but there’s an element of power that the police have that a nurse or a doctor doesn’t and it’s very often that this power is the reward for their job rather than helping people. Whereas I’m quite convinced that people generally go into the medical profession because they genuinely wish to help people.