Stimulants vs Alcohol

I went to a party the other week. At this party half the people were only consuming alcohol and the other half were taking stimulents.

As the party progressed I began to notice a marked difference between the two groups (on-alc = GA, on-stim = GS):

The difference was that GA became louder but made less sense; they became less and less intelligible. Not just due to slurring but also the content of what they said became less and less coherent.

Not only this but they also become more and more concerned with getting their point across and getting the other’s agreement. Squabbles and issues of violence tended to result as the inevitable misunderstandings arose.

The other group (GS) did indeed become louder, more animated, but their speech lost none of it’s intelligibility or coherence. In fact they became better at communicating. They were talking about deep, abstract and philosophical topics at an amazingly competent level given how they normally are.

When disagreements arose within GS they didn’t squabble; they sought to understand the other opinion. If at the end neither agreed they amicably agreed to disagree and just moved onto another topic

It was like a room full of dolts consumed two different drugs and one group became incredibly more doltish whereas the other incredibly less so.

Surely the world would be a better place if instead of people using alcohol to celebrate special occasions they used stimulants. Alcohol gives the illusion of togetherness but the reality of separation; stimulants enable one to (much more competently than usual) disclose themselves through their mouths thus giving the reality of togetherness and sociability.