On cultural appropriation

Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture.” Wikipedia

This whole thing against cultural appropriation is silly.

Cultures when they come into contact mutually seed one another.
This is good and leads to a flowering of the universal human spirit.
What cultural appropriation is is just a negative tone taken towards this glorious process.
Cultures are not things to be safe-guarded because by doing so you make them dead things. Just pieces of fossilized carcasses in a museum with a plaque instead of a life-giving context. Cultures are meant to consume one another – cross-fertilize.
All these cultures that are dying now are like flowers. They were once a small seed. It grew into the beautiful flower. The entire purpose of the flower is to blossom and reproduce. After the flower has blossomed and reproduced the beauty of decay takes place.
This is beautiful because not only does the flower create more biodiversity through evolutionary forces it’s death and decay feed this process in things that aren’t flowers such as mushrooms.
All that being against cultural appropriation is is another vain attempt of man to freeze and bottle life. He thinks that thereby he has captured life and made it his own. Luckily he cannot be successful; mother nature will have her way with culture as with flowers. Even if he could be successful all he would have is a petrified corpse with no life.

3 thoughts on “On cultural appropriation

    • I think that’s alluding to a greater issue than cultural appropriation.

      They’ve done it with everything in life – sex, love the works.

      It’s this tendency of capitalism to… I don’t know what word to use… to cheapen everything… make it all sordid… turns everything good it touches into an std ridden prostitute failing at hanging herself…

      Turn everything into a means to an end that’s never here

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