On prostitution

Common-sense morality is generally quite warped. It often seems to be nothing but a way for people who are the oppressors to maintain their position on the top.

One of the typical examples of this is prostitution. Why do we consider it bad and shameful? What are the effects of the context of morality that surrounds this the oldest form of occupation?

Firstly let us strip it down to its essentials. Prostitution is an act in which one person sells the sexual use of their body.

Concretely it involves two people being sexual and an exchange of money.

Just look at that on its own for a bit. Why does this activity garner so much moral attention?

It’s perfectly fine to sell yourself as a labourer, a masseuse and it’s even fine to sell yourself as a killer but the second you sexually please someone for money suddenly there’s something wrong. This seems very bizarre and warped to me.

If we wanted to trace this moral approbation historically and sociologically I reckon we could see the cause of it in the fact that systems of power have used repression of certain drives (predominantly the sexual drive) as a means of gaining power over the masses.

Orwell recognized the power this repression had in freeing libidinous energy for the service of the state by redirecting it towards veneration of a person in the anti-sex league of β€œ1984”.

One of the effects of this is that the sex worker (and to a lesser extent the service user) is seen as something shameful, less valuable or even valueless. They become less than human in the eyes of the masses. This of course leads to the horrendous treatment they so often receive.

Also as a result of this the people in the sex trade are often the weakest and most vulnerable of our species. They see themselves as worthless and incapable even before entering the profession and that is why they become prostitutes.

It’s not that prostitution in-it-self is without worth but that because of the morality constructed by the elite it becomes the job of last recourse. Something that desperate people do because they are desperate and because of this there is such an atmosphere of mental illness and misery around it.

You could imagine a different social context in which the prostitute is respected. In fact only recently we had such an example in Victorian doctors. There was an epidemic of hysteria and the prevailing medical opinion concerning the cause of it was sexual frustration in women. So women would go to doctors to get fingered. The doctors were paid for this service though eventually they gave it up when the dildo was invented to alleviate strain in doctor’s wrists.

So when you strip it down the Victorian doctors were prostitutes but because there was a different social context and moral feeling around their action they didn’t feel guilty or ashamed; quite the reverse in fact.

To conclude I am saying that everything bad about prostitution (except STDs but risk of illness is present in almost all occupations) is caused by the moral feeling towards it and isn’t endemic to it.


11 thoughts on “On prostitution

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  2. Interesting analysis of this controversial issue πŸ™‚ U are right that the vatican used the demonizing of the sex drive to better control the masses. U are right that all jobs tend to be slavery! On the other hand any sexual acts are on a more intimate level. Prostitutes not only sell their body. They sell their soul..their innermost being. Fragmentation of souls! Moreover prostitution oftentimes involves drugs to dope the ladies so that they dont feel so dirty. But nowadays girls dont even demand money for those services anymore πŸ™‚ If u want free sex u can either go online or go to techno clubs looking for a one night stand πŸ™‚ Nowadays girls are so cheap they dont want money for it anymore πŸ™‚
    Moreover I think u cannot compare the Victorian doctors to prostitution. These were single cases and not a purposeful business like prostitution.

    • All those things like taking drugs so they don’t feel so “dirty” is caused by the negative morality around it. It’s a case where the negative is supplied by the punishment.

      I see it as sexual freedom. What is actually wrong with it? The act itself.

      What the doctors were doing then was a form of prostitution. It would be therapeutic prostitution but prostitution none the less.

      You confuse the thing with the social context around it. They effect each other dialectically but they don’t reduce to each other.

      Prostitution could be used in many positive a laudable way. Such as old men who have lost their entire family. A good concubine (Which the bible didn’t even prohibit. you can be a bigamist and a strict old testament jew) would do a lot of good.

      • I agree with u that the old testament accepts polygamy. Nonetheless u had to take care of the financial security of the “concubines”. If u wanted to get rid of the concubine u had to pay a high price. Unless she was a non-Israelite. Then I think it was free. Which is extremely pervert. Really sick actually.
        Nonetheless I emphasize again to u that sexuality is not a physical act. It’s a purely spiritual act. Two souls melt into one soul during sex. That’s why prostitution is lethal and that’s why apostle Paul warns about it:

        1 Cor. 6:16 “Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.”

        Ever heard about soulties? Let’s say u had sex with your ex girlfriend -you will always have a spiritual Connection with her cos she stole a soul fragment of you.

        Moreover I think the modern society is not against sexuality anymore. There has never been a time where sexuality has been so open as nowadays. Times have changed!!

        Sex is not dirty. It is sacred and belongs into the protected frames of marriage. Otherwise it is destructive.

      • I think there are plenty of contexts within which prostitution could be the opposite of destructive.

        Recently I read an article about a man who was going to commit suicide. A taxi driver convinced him to spend his money on prostitutes and cocaine. The man is still alive now it turned out that after taking the taxi-driver’s advice he realized that there was something to live for.

        I could see prostitution being a solace and an escape to widows and widowers. Especially in the current society of isolation of the old.

        I don’t know about the truth of the idea that you give over a part of your soul to your sexual partner. It may be true or it may not. It is functioning here though as a way of justifying the moral feeling people have towards sex. As a legitimation.

        That is it is trying to rationalize and enforce a particular moral attitude by couching it within a cosmic frame of reference. By trying to ground it in reality. These legitimations have historically been used to justify homosexuality and anti-homosexuality.

        If you look at history you will find that reality doesn’t back any moral frame-work.

    • What does sell your soul even mean – that you sell your consciousness? It is a poor metaphor to speak of selling your body or your soul. You are merely disparaging the behavior because you disapprove but it does not really make any sense. We all know that everyone who works is selling their labor power because that is all they have to make money.

      The problem with prostitution is that it is not a relationship – it is the same relationship as an employer to an employee. There is no relationship – it is merely an exchange transaction. Also, prostitution involves action that married people consider to be a violation of their marriage contract, that is, exclusive ownership of the genitals of their partner! Woe to the unfortunate man who “falls” for a prostitute – it is not going anywhere because she is controlled by her manager.

      Prostitutes often are exploited by their managers, that is, their pimps. This same kind of exploitation can be found throughout the labor system but the sex workers trade focusses on women as strippers, prostitutes and porn actors. It is rare to find independent sex-workers. Therefore, the explanation of the sex worker’s behavior is that they are directed and managed, often by an organization. Trafficking of sex workers can be detected in the strict control of where the women work, when they work, how they travel, and with whom they may have sex.

  3. Well, there’s some truth in what you write. Even the most holy men of GOD in the bible sometimes had issues with prostitution. So they were not so holy at all πŸ™‚ Even Judah – the ancestor of JESUS – went to a prostitute and even was unwilling to pay for her services πŸ™‚ Samson regularly went to prostitutes. But at the end those activities killed them all and it became a snare:

    Proverbs 5:3-5Β “For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey, and her seductive words are smoother than olive oil, but in the end she is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword.Β Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave.”

    Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”

    There’s even big discussion if the Israelite’s manna in the desert in the bible was actually a magic mushroom. I think there’s some truth about it. But it seems like this mushroom wasn’t addictive. Moreover I think that Cannabis has been demonized too much from the elite. There are no really bad side-effects of Cannabis. The side-effects of alcohol and tobacco is much worse and poisonous!!
    Though, the Holy Spirit stays the best medicine against pain!!

    The issue of soulties is something that u can test on your own very easliy. Just examine the frequency of how often u remember vividly in your mind having sex with your ex girlfriends. Or examine how often you have wet dreams of your ex girlfriends!! This Shows that premarital sex leads to fragmented souls and that you have become a part of another soul.

  4. Fragmented souls? You mean like there are variables of one’s thinking and some are connected with one sphere of life and others with another sphere??? Isn’t it about time to get over the Bi-Bull?

    • Frederick, once u permeate a girl or have oral sex with her, you mingle with her energies. Those sexual energies can be positive or negative energies. Their flesh and DNA is even loaded with the energy of ex partners. It’s getting even lethal with prostitutes cos they have so much energy attached to them from ex sex partners or they can even have demonic entities in them. The girl could even have witchcraft demons in her. Thus it’s recommended to do a spiritual cleansing before sex. You never know about her aura. Her aura can even destroy your life or transmit diseases on you – mental and physical sicknesses. The best way to handle the sex drive is wait until marriage. Though, I don’t condemn anyone who has sex before marriage but always be careful about the energies. Anyways it’s better to fully get to know the girl before you jump into bed with her. Marriage is the best solution. You can watch this enlightening Video about sexual energies and ist effects on you:

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