The broken image called “You”(A poem)

You hide behind a broken image

Of shattered glass

Your hope to last

For one more breath

past the breath allotted as your last.

You fear the blast of your past

that carries you uncomfortably fast

to that last breath you’ll breath out too fast

And sighing say I shoulda, coulda but didn’t

Because I hid behind a broken smile

an unspoken word that dragged for a mile.

You hide because of the stutter

the stammer that putters

that bothers nobody but you

So you sit on the pew

Ashamed before a god that isn’t ashamed of you

Ashamed of scars that nobody sees but you

Ashamed of flaws that are divine glimmers in the eyes of others

But you don’t see the you the others see

You see the you constructed to condemn you by you against you

You see this because you aren’t you

You are a thought you have that has taken over you

an image placed between you and another

separating you from any other

You are a perversion that you need to smother

Go back into mother, lose your other

regain your tie to the all-person tether

Realize you are God the father.

Now smile.


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