Break the shell

The path to maturity, enlightenment or whatever you want to call it is one of self-liberation.

I don’t know if this is scientific fact but never-the-less this image serves to illuminate the process I am talking about.

I think that the reason a chick breaks free of its egg is because the environment of the egg becomes intolerable for it.

Think about it. At first the chick is just a blastoma. It is barely visible on the surface of the yolk but it grows and it grows and it grows. Eventually the egg must become incredibly claustrophobic and as the yolk is consumed the chick is deprived of its sustenance.

So it nuts the wall in frustration and lo and behold light breaks through. It does it again and after a while the egg is destroyed and the chick stumbles around in the light of day.

For us in our lives the egg is the social construct we are born into. We suffer frustration largely due to how we think about things. This frustration causes us to seek, to go into fantasy, fiction, science, religion and drugs.

All the so called ills of society are nothing but people trying to break free from the egg in a manner that their society frowns upon.

The shell resists our efforts. It tries to make us insane.

We are born with desires and instincts. These desires and instincts determine how we react and develop in response to societal pressures the first of which would be our parents.

I think largely the effectiveness of the parental influence is in their actions of praise and blame. That is what they do. What determines how we react to that is our genetics.

Eventually though we get so pissed off that we are left with one of two options. Either we can go into a lonely state where we watch ourselves. Not from the good/bad dichotomy we are conditioned into but from a state akin to the scientist examining bacteria.

We can either do this or we go insane. That is we perpetuate our own and others suffering through ignorance. We see on some level that the shell is causing us pain but instead of nutting the shell we self-mutilate or self-lobotamise. Anything for the sake of the shell even if it’s at the expense of ourselves.

You see this in how people constantly complain about their lives and their woes but they never ever get beyond that. Like a child nutting the floor to hurt its parents they continue in cyclical patterns of behaviour and retort “You don’t know me, don’t judge me” when you offer a higher-order way of dealing with and looking at problems. This is insanity.


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