Knowing the truth

The problem is that everybody is looking for a crutch. You know something to do the thinking for them.

Even if you say the truth and think the truth but you are saying it or thinking it from the words of someone else and that is your basis for believing it or knowing it you don’t really know it.

I could describe to you a tree that someone else saw and described to me. You could take this description to that tree, actually see the tree and say to me “Yes your description is true” But if I ain’t seen the tree I ain’t seen the tree no matter how true or accurate my description may be.


It is because very few people have real knowledge that they are so manipulable. They have no centre, no foundation but are instead tossed around by pretty sounding paragraphs. Tricked into thinking that they believe stuff they become dupes that perpetuate their own suffering.


When you really know something you aren’t concerned with whether others know it too. What they think about what you know simply doesn’t matter because you know that the truth is what it is and it doesn’t give a fuck about what you think.


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