Reality is anarchistic

Reality is anarchistic. This is the bottom line.

You may not like this fact, and I assure you it is a fact, but reality simply doesn’t give a fuck.

Anarchy is no law.

Now there are what we have called laws such as gravity. But really we’re playing a game there. We have constructed morality and a legal system and we see that reality behaves in an ordered fashion; because we find it difficult to understand things in non-human terms and since language arises from human behaviour we have transplanted human terms onto non-human things.

That is why we call physical laws physical laws.

The thing about a law is that it can be disobeyed. There is a law prohibiting murder but it is quite easy for me to pick up a knife and stab you in the face. So whenever I am confronted by an opportunity to break a law there is a decision on my part about whether or not I will break it.

Bodies of mass aren’t out there umming and ahhing over whether or not they are going to behave according to the law of gravity.

All moral or legal order is established upon a basic fact of anarchy: whoever is strongest gets his own way.

You can articulate this as “might is right” but that masks the fact that right only comes about as a behaviour of might. That as long as a certain right is maintained by might it is right but when that might ceases it’s maintaining activity it becomes futile to hold onto that right. Might don’t give a fuck; it will stab you in the face.

Now you can certainly turn around and say “It’s not right” but so what?

Say I say murder is right and you say murder is wrong what evidence are you going to use to back your claim. Maybe you will come up with an analysis of murder and it’s effects upon society. That is you may say that the statement “murder is wrong” rests upon pragmatics or the statement “society cannot exist if everybody murders” well I would agree but then I would say “It is right for society not to exist”

Whatever ground you give for a moral claim will be another moral claim with the same weakness as the claim you are trying to maintain.

Even the Christian argument for morality rests upon this undeniable fact concerning the reality of moral claims; that they are backed ultimately by might. If you do what is wrong the mighty god will put you into eternal prison which is the ultimate expression of might.


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