The Hero’s journey

The hero’s journey is one in which he either runs away from or is cast out of the social normality.

He is forced to rest upon himself or nothing at all.

Society seeks to keep us in an infantile state through fear. There are woods out there and you best not go in them because there are dangerous monsters there.

Of course the woods are the commons, the place where man can hunt and gather for himself outside of the strictly delineated precincts of urbanity.

There is a commons of the intellect too. Think about it, what stops you from doing what they do in university?

Nothing as far as I can gather and to be honest when you look at most of the training you are given in a university it is training in obedience and academic slavery. That is it is a process whereby an individual’s intellectual activity is violently transformed into a sellable commodity.

The fact is the woods, the dark and dangerous forest is the only place to be. The reason fear is the tool of choice used by society to keep you within its circle of banal urbanity is because its shit and nobody in their right mind wants to be there.

Honey doesn’t need a whip to get you to consume it! Why? Because it’s delicious and nourishing is why.

Urbanity isn’t just urbanity it’s banal urbanity.

See how they have used fear in history to keep you within the stifling straightjacket of conformity. Heresy is always spoken with a tint of dread. When I was a Christian someone warned me about the results of thinking for myself by saying I’ll end up a gnostic! Which is funny because as far as I can tell the only bad thing about being a gnostic was that the roman catholic church fucked you up hard.

Even now it’s no different. What’s the use of that? How will that make you money? That is to say you shouldn’t waste your time on stuff this society doesn’t approve of because of PENURY scary sounds.


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