Destroy hatred of others through self-knowledge.

If you truly understand people you will find it impossible to hate them.

The way to truly understand others is to truly understand yourself. The way you do this is by watching yourself and asking yourself “Why did I do that?”

You will inevitably construct a narrative. I did that because this happened and made me feel like this.

Ultimately, if you follow this process through, you will see that you keep repeating a certain reason “because I wanted to”.

Now why did I want that particular thing in that particular circumstance? It’s possible to want to do other things in the same situation because we are constantly shown other people wanting different things in the same situation. Even we ourselves when the same situation arises at another time often want something different.

So why, right now, do you want to continue reading this but at another time you may not?

You could say that at another time you’d have already read this so you wouldn’t be as interested. Now this is evading the issue but the power of this line of reasoning is that no matter what you respond it will ultimately display what I am trying to show.

So here you are saying that the reason you would continue reading now, when this is new to you, is because it is new to you. That is that it is the novelty of this text that causes you to continue reading. So why do you like novelty?

Essentially you are saying that the reason you are doing what you are doing is because of novelty.

Did you choose to like novelty? Was there ever a time when you neither liked or disliked novelty and you choose one reaction over the other? If so – and I seriously doubt this but never-the-less the truth of what I say can be shown through the unavoidability of my conclusion – why did you choose to like or not like novelty?

When you see that your choices spring from sources over which you have no control, about which you make no decision you have seen yourself deeply and therefore seen everyone else deeply. How can you hate something that can’t help itself? So what if it’s evil! Did it decide to be evil?

For the very same reason we don’t blame or hate handicapped people for being handicapped it’s equally stupid to hate anyone for anything.


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