Thoughts inspired from Pilger’s documentaries

I’ve been watching a lot of John Pilger’s documentaries on youtube recently and it’s brought me to seriously consider what is the cause of the 3rd world and the maintaining of the dire conditions.

It is a dialectic with 3 moments.

The developed country’s workers acting as consumers. The 3rd world’s workers acting as producers. The system by which shareholders make profit from the relationship between the consumers and producers. The workers in the west consume the products from the east and make profits for the shareholders.

A lot of the propaganda surrounding this subject fixates upon the developed world’s workers. It says that if we stopped consuming the cheap produce created off the back of the cheap labour cough slavery cough then the problem would cease.

I don’t think that would be the case at all. The people in the middle making money off the backs of the other 2 groups would just con the developed world into consuming other goods that are also made through slavery (let’s just call it what it is). Just look at the healthy food and vegan movements.

But it is true that if we in the developed world ceased to consume then the motive for the exploitation of the 3rd world would vanish. That isn’t going to happen.

The problem is the working class (and I love the working class being a cleaner for an evil contractor myself) are so easy to manipulate because humans in the main are stupid. They aren’t interested in knowing about stuff for themselves because they are interested in the more important business of life such as socializing, family and enjoying themselves with each other. I’m not for a second saying this is bad because I honestly believe this basic human way of living is what makes humans beautiful.

Anyway this being the case once you have tricked 9/10s of a population that they have to work stupid hours then it’s easy with the rest of the time to convince them to bleat for their own slaughter.

Another way of removing the problem would be if the 3rd world workers revolted. Again though this has happened multiple times and the industrial/military machine with its frightening might has just used it as an excuse to worsen the current dire state of affairs.

To be continued…


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