A Dream I had

I had a dream a couple days back now about love.

At the end of it I was in a shopping centre with a girl. She was helping me find things to woo another girl with but we fell in love.

We were outside and we were all over each other. It was incredibly fun. Someone comes along and says “You’ve got to have an ulterior motive to let her do this” and I replied “I just want to love and be loved”

I think that’s the basic deep down truth for everyone. We all want to love and be loved but we are brought up to be ashamed of this in some sense so we hide it. “The Wall” by Pink Floyd is a story about this process; of how trauma and shame cause us to construct a wall around ourselves. This wall is what constitutes the ugliness and brutality of life.

I reckon you could explain all evil by this conditioned shame and embarrassment concerning our basic deep down desire


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