Fruits of mindfulness, meditation and fearlessness.

Our greatest fear is ourselves.

This is why laws and morality have taken such a hold on humanity.

What would we do if we weren’t told what to do? What would we do if we didn’t know what was good?

We don’t trust ourselves and so we don’t trust others; we are terrified on every level.

I’ve found that I don’t need to think about what to say or do before doing it. I just open my gob and let whatever comes out come out.

Sometimes I stutter and say something silly and that’s funny. Often the most beautiful utterances come out.

For example the other day at work I was wearing odd socks and someone pointed it out. Normally being socially anxious this would make me nervous.

But since I’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation (which is basically the practice of ignoring the voice of fear in your head) I’ve found such things have ceased to embarrass me.

They were my mum’s socks I was wearing and the girl (A PRETTY GIRL MIND YOU!!!) said “I bet you wear your mum’s underwear too.”

And before I even knew what I was doing my face took on an expression of mock shock and the utterance “How do you know so much about me?” came (perfectly timed) out of my gob and she was in hysterics!!!

It was beautiful!

Fear is the mechanism of deception. The world is waiting for you to grow a pair and blossom!


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