A personal instance of how morality is used to control the working-class to their own detriment

The correct view of the working-classes’ relationship to their bosses is that of warfare.

Your employer wants to get as much labour out of you for as little money as possible.

They know that the majority of the working-class has been hoodwinked by morality. They believe such things as debts must be repaid, you should take pride in your work and of course the old chestnut of work being valuable for it’s own sake.

I remember when I worked with my dad looking after a severely handicapped person on the way to this organization that let them pretend to work on a farm and back. Basically my job was to sit in the back of the car with this person and make sure he didn’t smash the windows or masturbate.

It was a decent job that took up 3 hours of my day and paid me £40. Basically a full-time wage for part-time work.

I loved it.

My dad would work on the farm where the project for the handicapped was so I would spend the day at my grandmas.

Now my grandma was a lovely woman. Sadly she was conditioned, like most of the working-class the ethic she was conditioned into was not to her benefit.

In fact she was part of one of the greatest brain-washing institutions ever created: The Church.

During the mid-day I would like to nap. I find that I’m at my best in the evening and left to my own devices I will sleep in till 12ish.

She couldn’t stand this! She would try and have me up and doing stuff, reading books wasn’t doing stuff in her mind.

It’s really sad because in a sense this conditioning that was inflicted upon her acted as a wall between us. She wouldn’t hear any rational discourse about it. No matter how much I exclaimed that I had earnt all the money I needed and now had no obligations to myself or my land-lord she would have none of it.

Really what this ethic is saying is that a man only has value in so far as he is exerting himself for someone else. It is the slave ethic and the heart of protestantism. It is the means by which the elite deceive the oppressed into being their own oppressors.


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