Morality, love and freedom

When I express the idea that morality is a fiction some people say to me:

“But what about the murderers and rapists?”

As if the only defence we have against them is the law. Apart from the fact that criminals don’t obey the law by definition I think this indicates that people don’t trust themselves.

At some level they believe that if they didn’t have this outward prescription for their behaviour they would rape and murder.

Personally the reason I don’t rape is because it isn’t what I want. What I love about sex is that it is two people both doing what they really want to do and in that doing they fulfil for the other what the other really wants to do.

It is like two rivers gushing into each other, becoming one and then separating out again. This is beautiful and it is what I want when I think of sex.

Sex is the ritual that sustains love, that expresses love.

Anyway to get back on point rape would take away from sex all that I want from it.

The same with murder. I simply don’t like hurting people so I don’t.

A more extreme version of the reply I’ve had to my lack of belief in morality is when a Christian says “Why be good if there’s no hell?”.

To which I reply “So the only reason you aren’t viciously raping toddlers is because you think that if you did you would go to hell?”

Now I do think as a society we should institute laws. That is to say we should tell people within our society that if they do certain things then we – as the society – will fuck them up.

I also think we should be honest about the basis upon which we rest these laws. That is a consensus of preferences within a society. We shouldn’t obfuscate the matter through an appeal to some cosmic order.

The fact is that if the cosmos, God or whatever didn’t want murder to occur it simply wouldn’t occur. He doesn’t want people breaking the law of gravity as you can tell by the lack of people flying unassisted.


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