On learning

You gotta be empty.
One of my first leaps in understanding was when I was reading Jean-Paul Sartre “Being and nothingness”.
I battled with that text for weeks then one day I realized my problem was that I was trying to get it to say what I believed… once I let go of that it was like an explosion went off in me nut.
Bodybuilding is a good analogy. All the activity one does in order to get bigger muscles is actually destroying the muscles… only once you have destroyed muscle through effort can the body rebuild bigger, better and stronger.
In learning the activity we do is one of destroying or ignoring already existing belief structures in order to make room for the new understanding…
In a sense we can live without believing anything… just let thoughts come and go without caring about their truth…
Of course in practical affairs – like should I drink the bleach if I care about my health – it’s different but even there before you can see whether a thing is true or false you have to know it and in order to know it you have to at least pretend to believe it for a bit and let it show itself to you.

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