The amazonian woman

I want a girl with fire

In her eyes

who dances with chaos

the Amazonian woman

who strides beside her man

at the front of the serried ranks

into battle with the world

I don’t want a bitch on a leash

who cares about her teeth

I want fire and life and glory and freedom

I want to pour myself into her foamy torrents

as she pours herself into mine.

I want to watch her

as she goes about her day

with a pride in my chest

that she chose a wretch like me

I don’t want to be the man

And I don’t want her to be the woman

I want the roles to be fluid


a constant effervescence

a spinning ying/yang of a relationship.

I want to dominate

and be dominated

I don’t want to be fixed

into a corner of a sexy dialectic.


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