It’s easy to love an other

It’s easy to love an other

If you try

just see another brother

Looking out of their eye.

Saw a lady walking her baby

By walking I meant wheeling

and by baby a dachshund.

She had a glum expression

on her face full of tension.

So I looked her in the eyes, smiled

And lifted my brows. That got her attention.

All of a sudden a change swift as lightening

flitted through her face:

the release of the tension.

It’s easy to love another

If you try

Just see another mother

Looking out of their eye.

What did this cost me?

Just a smile and a stare

Sure there’s a scare behind a stare

what if they don’t like me

what if they don’t get me

what If I offend this cripple in a wheelchair.

But that’s all an illusion

a spell cast of confusion

to separate fellow-humans

and force constant consumption.

What was the reward?

For just a brief second

me and another mother

shared a little bit of heaven!


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