Learning is so easy, when you see it you’ll kick yourself!

The truth is that learning is so easy that it takes the establishment 11 years of conditioning called school to convince us otherwise.

Here is the secret: Pick up the book, say in your head what’s written on the page and continue until an epiphany occurs.

You don’t produce the understanding; the understanding just happens itself. All you do is say in your head words… that’s it.

Now for some people it may take longer than others for the understanding to occur but whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 years to understand E=MC^2 is irrelevant… both people have the same understanding.

Be comfortable with being baffled. Bafflement and confusion are the first steps on the path to intelligence and understanding.

A trivial difficulty may occur: boredom. I would advise taking it slow. Read the book for a couple minutes at a time at first. Build up your endurance.

Why is it that no-one blinks an eye at the fact that in order to learn to play an instrument you have to practice and spend time on it.

That in order to lift heavy weights and become a body-builder you have to spend time lifting weights, progressing from light to heavier weights.

Why is this accepted and applauded but the exact same thing in the context of understanding and reading isn’t?

People bad mouth difficult texts because they are difficult. The fact is as one progresses in understanding and articulating that understanding words need to be invented that do the work of many words.

Education has turned this simple task, no different in essence to the most simple of tasks – bodybuilding (aka picking stuff up and putting it back down again) – into something it isn’t.

Learning isn’t complex or difficult. The results of learning are complex and wondrous.


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