On education

Education – as it is now – is one of the foundational tools used by the establishment in their hidden campaign against their own subjects.

The establishment does not want people to be able to intelligently question and intelligently judge questions and answers. It’s ideal would be a situation in which everyone sat down, kept quiet and did what they were told.

So education in the very way it is organized now turns learning, creativity and passion into a chore. It has taken the true treasure of life and convinced everyone that it’s only a means to an end, something they’d rather not do but do because they want money or esteem.

How does this happen?

The child is forced into school with threats of legal action against his parents if he plays truant and with promises of rewards if he attends and scores well. So learning becomes a means to please his parents or get some goodies.

The naughty kids realize this reality on an intuitive level. They see that school is essentially a prison in which they are told what to think, how to think, when to think and what to think for.

The problem is that when you see something as a chore you are only going to do it if there is reward to be had or punishment to be avoided. This means that when the child leaves school and the stick and the carrot are taken away the child rapidly degrades into a state of vapid ignorance because his intelligence isn’t being force-fed anymore.

This is why so many people are dull, blunt copies of everyone else who hate what everyone else hates. If you don’t think for yourself, if you don’t stand up for your own preferences and perspective of reality someone else will shove their preferences and perspective down your lobotomised gob.

In order to be you, to truly be the unique individual you are you need to develop intellectually. You need to train yourself in the understanding and use of language because it is through language that you project yourself outside of yourself and can carry on a conversation with yourself about yourself and gradually bring out into the light of day the individual that you are.

Guess what one of the main subjects studied in academia and taught at schools is? Language and literature.


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