Rambling rant on mental illness

Mental illness is merely the result of not being happy with who you are.

Often it’s a conflict between who you are and who society wants you to be. A lot of people can quite comfortably exist within the accepted parameters of society but some people can’t.

Society says we should value material wealth, that we should like this and not that.

It’s when our true passions fail to align with what society tells us is good that we feel shame and guilt. These feelings – far from producing positive change in an individual – condemn them to fight a losing battle. Each conflict leaving them further from the societal ideal and deeper into shame.

It’s a vicious circle that drives people bonkers.

The fight for sanity is one in which the individual gives the middle finger to society, its values and lives authentically. It’s a long and hard struggle but it gets easier with time.

Society doesn’t want this. So it medicates you, it gives you a lobotomy in the form of a tablet so you can carry on performing the twisted roles it wants you to perform.

You may say that people will murder if they lived this truth… But they murder anyway.

I am willing to bet you my years income that if you were to go to any prison and ask the inmates “Do you believe in good and bad? Do you believe bad people should be punished?” They will all answer in the affirmative but never-the-less there they are incarcerated for brutally raping a little girl or murdering their parents.

The worst atrocities committed by man have always been in service to the state. Just look at the holocaust; that was a perfectly legitimate and legal activity yet I doubt anyone would say that Joseph Fritzl even came close to such wickedness in his acts.

The law is not your friend, it does not care for you in the slightest. It is merely a tool in the hands of powerful psychopathic hypocrites to make you feel ashamed at the very thought of deposing them with a bullet to their head.


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