On faith and action

This is faith isn’t it: once you know God’s in charge and you know he is exemplified by christ there’s only one thing left for you to do… sit back and enjoy the show!

Though sometimes it’s hard because when we analyse the social world all we see is oppression and suffering and problems and to my mind they all stem from ignorance.

But again this is where faith comes in – – I know from my own experience that suffering is the path to glory and I suppose I have to not rest on my own understanding.

For a bit I thought this meant not talking about the problems – – – but I can’t help it – – I love analysing society and myself and the products of that spontaneous activity just pours out my gob when I talk and my pen when I write.

I suppose when you get out of the way of the spirit – – or rather when the spirit shoves you out of the way – you become a conduit.

That we are part of the world and part of any possible change. Just from rest and peace instead of effort and strife.


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