On the media

The media conspiracy is one of those things we can validate for ourselves.

It’s because in a sense the media is the collar they put on our necks and it’s directly available to us; we can see it’s effects in how the plebs change their focus of hate week after week in line with whoever the media is telling them to hate because we work and live with these people.

We can see the messages in the media itself. All advertising is united by one meta-narrative “consuming will make you happy” and we can see it’s a lie because we’ve consumed and been left empty and we can see the power of the media in that we continue to consume despite this.

I think examining this area is like the dog examining its collar and is good because it can liberate you; but liberation is an effort. It is difficult and at first painful to exchange one way of thinking for another because it’s a kind of death.

It’s when people are too afraid to make that step, too cowardly, that they start to fixate on who is behind it all.

Really it’s because they want someone else to liberate them. In fact they want to find out who enslaved them so that he can liberate them which is obviously stupid. You don’t go to the fox for protection if you’re a chicken unless you’re a stupid chicken.


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