Who or What is the devil the father of lies?

I believe the devil is the law because it is the law that makes men lie.


Because it is impossible for man to keep the law and because everyone believes that a man who keeps the law is good and because all men want to appear good so what men do is lie about not being able to keep the law in order to maintain a good image.

The law is the father of lies and satan is an allegory for the law.

Remember satan is the accuser that which is against man.

And the law is the ministration of condemnation that is the law is the accuser.

The law is also against man because if man by his very nature kept the law then there would never be any reason for the law. You don’t make a law against stealing if nobody ever steals.

The AD 70 destruction of the temple (thus making it evidently impossible to keep the law) was God saying the law has done it’s job and was now only fit for the rubbish bin. It had been fulfilled.

He gave the law to the hebrews and they became the most wicked, degenerate and evil race of people through the law.

The bible is full of how bad hebrews are.

The law finally fulfilled it’s purpose in making the hebrews so wicked that they killed Jesus that was the intent and result of the law. This is what Jesus meant when he said he hadn’t come to destroy the law but to fulfill the law.

The fulfillment of the seed is the plant but once the seed has become the plant does it become a seed again?

For the law came to make sin abound to make sin increase.

See this brother. It is a glorious gospel that liberates man to be himself. And man isn’t all that bad; murderers, peadophiles etc are in the minority.

If people were honestly themselves without hiding their true intentions to fit into some law the world would be a better place.

The law makes men liars and hidden sin is worse then honestly open sin.


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