This whole immigration thing is nonsense.
There are people who are systematically and consciously fucking us over, paying us shit wages, selling expensive products and just generally making life shit for everyone else.

They not only tax you but also deflate the value of money so that whatever money you have left after tax is worth less and less over time. These systems of pillage that are against us are evident and easy to perceive if you only look.

These people create stories to justify or excuse the butt rape they give us. Immigration is just one of these stories.
They say “It’s not our fault that we have to pay you less than your labour is worth because there are loads of immigrants!”
Take away the immigrants and nothing would change they would just get another story up and running and continue fleecing you.
The problem is that most people don’t know who, what or where the real cause of their suffering is and they won’t even bother trying to look for themselves.
Instead they get sucked into booing who the media boos.
They do this because being sodomized when you don’t want to be sodomized is incredibly frustrating.
The powers that be play upon this frustration and get you to dissociate your frustration from what causes it (Not having enough money, freedom etc) and then say “Look, look this immigrant (tramp, drug addict, terrorist, communist etc) he’s the villain, he’s the baddie. Shout and scream at him!”
The problem is that this means that for the majority of people even if they managed to successfully rid themselves of their perceived problem it will do nothing to alleviate their actual woes.
People are constantly attacking the leaves of the thistle whilst leaving the roots undisturbed.

Know your enemy. See that the powerless and poor immigrants, drug-addicts and people on benefits are not the cause because they are powerless!


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