Thoughts on death

Listening to: https:Woodkid – Iron

I want you to imagine a situation.

You are confronted with a mass of enemies who are going to kill you.

There is no doubt about this fact.

What are you going to do?

Now this is important to consider because if you accurately see this situation you will see that there is going to be no recompense for the action and no avoidance of negative consequence.

You are definitely going to die irrespective of how you act up to that definite set in stone event.

There is a reason why these scenarios are a favourite of cinema and drama and it’s because in that moment, when death is certainly imminent, when you are confronted, literally face to face with the insurmountable enemy…

Well then you are you and you shout or you cower but now there’s no master but you and you alone.

I imagine I’d fight, bang swords on shields and shout incoherently as I belligerently nutted the inevitable.

But what’s fascinating about it… is that that roar you imagine screaming into the hurricane is a kind of outpouring.

The ultimate and primitive expression of man vainly declaring ownership of the situation.

That though I die I will own my death, I will not go gently into that good night.

There’s a romantic feel to this, the Frankenstein who rages against his fate.

I intended to bring it about to something about freedom… and though freedom is inherently tied up with death and is why the majority of the system is intent on distracting you from the fact that you are definitely going to die.

In a sense death is the true enemy, the enemy that lies behind all the others.

Not just our own death but those of people we love. The one universal phobia.

You discover it in the wound a loved one leaves despite what you want or do.

Until one dwells on this, until one accepts and in accepting defeats their death they will never cease from fighting shadows.


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