The power of God

Most people think that God is in charge in the same impotent way as kings or governments.

That is to say that they believe God has the power to issue a command (believe in my son) and we have the power to not choose it.

This makes a mockery of God.

God is in absolute control. Not in the sense of a king’s control – who can ask and be denied. He is the cause and author of our choices and the consequences of our choices.

A drop of rain doesn’t land somewhere that God didn’t ordain.

This is the power of God – this is true power that is silent.

A command is only issued to hide the fact that he who issues the command has no power. That he to whom the command is issued can deny the command.

What most people believe to be power is really just a front. A mask to hide the fact of impotence and because it’s a mask it has to be loud to scare you away from pulling it off.

God is silent, He doesn’t issue commands because He is truly mighty. Because He controls everything – every thought you have, every desire you have is a direct action of God.

Eventually everyone will see this – but not soon – God is patient He holds all the cards and knows all our hands, he made the game, he made the rules of the game, He made the players of the game and he made the moves of the game.

This is the truth Jesus brought that is opposed to the law. The law states we need to do stuff for God… the Gospel says “Don’t be thick! He’s God what can you possibly do for him.. it’s you that is having stuff done for them… you are the passive recipient… and that is the only appropriate relationship to God”

Most christians won’t like this because they want to be the star of the show; really they want to usurp God’s position. It’s silly and God laughs.


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