You poor fools

I don’t mean to be negative but the majority of this generation need to see the fact that they have been systematically retarded.

You complain all the time about how you hate your job. How many hours you have to work, how horrible it is getting up in the morning.

But what do you spend your money on?

Fucking clothes, jewelry, make up, doing up your house or doing up your car.

Trivial superficial trash that becomes the shit it is the second you stop spending money 0n it.

And get this right – all this trash what is it?

It’s all status symbols!

You the working class, you cleaners, warehouse workers (btw I’m a minimum wage cleaner) you are one rung away from trampdom on the  metric that is the job market.

And what do you use the wages you earn  from selling your life second by second on? You spend it on trying to appear rich!

Surely you must see how fucking stupid you’ve been made?

Look at all the music videos you like.

Hip-hop and rnb are the two genres of choice for the economically disadvantaged. You know Kanye West and what’s-his-face, woman with the nice bum, beyonce’s husband… Usher I think.

All their videos are the upper-classes shitting right in your gob-hole and like a lobotomized Oliver Twist you ask for more.

You can reduce the contend – the strong, implicit content – of their songs and videos to:

I’m rich – you’re not.

I’ve got a plastic bitch with a plastic bum – you’ve got rent-arrears and a burger-gobbler

I’ve got this – you ain’t

Not only are they rubbing in your face the fact that you’re poor because you lack a maserati and a mansion but they are subtly getting you to buy into this metric of value.

How? By controlling what you find desirable.

“Oh look at this cool dude singing on the tv he has all this wealth. Oh yeah wealth is good… but I’m not wealthy I must be meaningless and valueless.”

Even a junkie skag head is better than you – at least he’s spending money on something he’s actually going to enjoy – – not something that’s gonna make it appear to other people that he’s well-off.

History will see this age as the age of trivia, trite, vacuousness. The time when man was the most oppressed and brain-washed but thought he was free. The time when everybody had fuck-all to say but at least they had a platform from which to not be heard from.


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