Who’s in charge?

The importance of the new testament doesn’t lie in its prophecy. In fact the new testament – prophetically – was the fulfillment and consummation of the old testament.

“Fulfilled is the era, and near is the kingdom of God!” Mark 1:15

That near isn’t near if it’s still near… get me?

Anyway the importance of the new testament lies in its account of Jesus.


Jesus is the image of the invisible God.

“Given to me was all authority in heaven and on earth.” Matt 28:18

The 4 gospels give us the character and judgement of the person who is in charge. The person who has absolute, no-holds-barred (did I get that idiom right?) authority.

Who is responsible for all the decisions that people make? Jesus.

Who is responsible for all the actions that people do? Jesus.

Who’s in charge in a way that makes the authority of earthly principalities look like the authority of a freshly conceived fetus? Jesus.

This is good because I’m financially poor, I sin, I look at sexy ladies and think about nice things and when I see how Jesus was with people like me I see that I’m in the black.

Compare Jesus’ treatment of the two adulterous woman he comes across. The Samaritan and that woman brought in by the pharisees.

In the samaritan woman he used her adultery as a means to bless her.

The adulterous woman brought in by the religious elite is a beautiful example of his character.

To her he revealed the hidden counsel of God in that he didn’t accuse her. That is he treated with her as God treats with man under the new covenant.

To the religious elite he treated them in such a way that they went away ashamed. That is to say he treated them according to the old covenant.

As to the poor.

When Jesus turned the water into wine the rich man who was head of the feast got to have a damn good glass of wine but the servants who weren’t even part of the feast (and it’s reasonable to assume they were poor as hell) got to see a miracle.

“And, coming out into the roads, those slaves gathered all whom they found, both wicked and good” Matt 22:10

(I assume ya’ll got bibles or the internet – if you think I am taking anything out of context please inform me and make me aware of a better interpretation)


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