“Against You, You only, have I sinned, And done this evil in Your sight” Part 2

 God went to them and sought them out because they had hid themselves.
Of course God knew exactly where they were but it’s imagery for the behaviour and motivations of shame.
And it’s silly behaviour. If God was angry or wanted you gone you’d know it. If you can tell me He’s displeased with me He can tell me Himself; He is God after all.
The death that man experienced then was the death of innocence and the birth of body-issues and insecurities which is another word for lack of trust.
So David is speaking from the depths of this death, under the ministry of condemnation that was going to be replaced by truth, grace and righteousness.

And it was here in this spiritual context that David spoke from.

This is a case of what statements in scripture have interpretative authority over what statements.

Here David’s statement concerning whom he had acted against are not to be taken in a canonical sense. There is this danger in reading the bible (it’s not actually that dangerous really; just if you look at the bible in this way you will never understand it) to take everything it says as literal truth.

David wasn’t there, just about to go into Bath-sheba and thinking “God I’m doing this against you!”

So not even David meant it in the plainest sense.

He meant it in the obvious sense. The sense the person who sent it to me thinks it has.
That he was, without even realizing it, actually sometimes whilst actively fighting it thwarting the plans of Elohim.
Which is clearly wrong.


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