The square circle AKA free-will

I believe that our decisions are manifestations of our character.


The beauty of this view is that it makes irrelevant the nature of this “Character”. It could be a spiritual – by which I mean non-physical – thing; a physical thing – say the organisation and activity of the brain; it could be a purely conditioned thing. It doesn’t matter.


Whatever it is.


This is because to establish blame there must be a person, self or character who is blamed.


The choice itself is a verb, an activity and thus it’s meaningless to claim it is responsible. It is an action done by a subject and as such it is the subject who is the proper object of judgment if there is any proper object of judgment.

I think that no matter what system you adhere to – spiritual, theistic, atheistic – or any conceivable system free-will is inconsistent – if there is a self there cannot be free-will and if there isn’t a self there cannot be free-will.


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