A little something On swearing!

Today I saw a parent punishing a kid for swearing. I didn’t; that’s just a fabrication to justify a rant on how being offended at swear-words is a manifestation of pavlovian conditioning.


So Pavlov got a dog and he found that if you make a noise and then give the dog a treat the dog salivates. Eventually the noise itself will make the dog salivate.


In the same way if the dog hears a noise – or makes a noise – and then you give it a punishment – like smacking it or washing its mouth out with soap – then eventually the noise itself will produce the sensation of aversion without the punishment.

This is exactly what is happening when you feel shock at words like CUNT or FUCK. When you were little and you said those words – you were punished (sometimes by being forced to orally copulate with a bar of soap) so now whenever you hear the word you feel aversion that you call shock.

There’s nothing intrinsically painful in the auditory sensation of FUCK. A baby doesn’t feel offended by it. You were taught/conditioned/trained/BRAINWASHED into feeling pain at the word.




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