On anarchy


Just saw this and thought I’d have a little rant.

Morality is useless in reality; there is only might.

I mean sure you can put your hand up in class and point out the fact that the teacher isn’t conforming to some arbitrary moral standard but if the teacher’s got the ruler and you don’t want a smack what the teacher says goes end of!

Morality is a shield that only works against people who are also cowering behind it.

Try telling a psychopathic murderer that murdering is wrong and then you can cry on my shoulder after he’s brutally massacred your family.

This facet of anarchism makes me laugh. It attempts to defame government by appealing to a moral standard that needs an institution like the government to back it.

This is the plain truth:

You have no natural rights.
The rights you think you have are secured by government.
If you want to be free of any form of coercion you gotta be fucking mighty.
This is reality.

Oh and if you want to see anarchism in practice look around you.

In a state without a government he who has the most of what everyone wants and can defend it rules and molds society how he sees fit… pretty much what we have.

Most of anarchism is really people saying they don’t like this goverment and they want a new government set up how they’d like and this new government they call anarchism.


5 thoughts on “On anarchy

  1. Under anarchy if someone tries to murder my family I have a right to defend them.
    Christiana in Denmark is a prime example of an anarchist paradise

    • I’ll have to look into that.

      I’m not saying in this post that anarchism is bad. I’m merely commenting on how a lot of people who espouse anarchy are speaking as if they are entitled to rights or privileges.

      This is why they focus so much on right and wrong, morality and such. They then try and claim that the government is wrong – but such a claim needs a government to back it.

      I think we should acknowledge reality and realize that our freedom and well-being are things we have to sustain for ourselves in the face of reality.

      I would prefer a government that interfered minimally. I would also prefer a government that allowed me to suffer the consequences of my own actions. I think such a state of affairs would lead to a more enlightened and intelligent society.

  2. There isn’t a government or ruling class EVER in existence that didn’t legitimize itself solely on “morality.” They, then, use that moral right to oppress, terrorize, plunder, extort, …
    Might absolutely does NOT make right, nor is morality EVER correctly represented in force. Morality is a faith, exercised in faith to the benefit of others. Coercion is slavery, and is emphatically cowardice. Group thug mentality. It has destroyed every population that subjugates itself to it.

    • Morality is based on might. That is to say that those who are able to enforce their own personal preference have that preference happen.

      What do you have recourse to – apart from might – to substantiate the claim “X is morally right”? I mean how do you solve disputes concerning what is right or what is wrong? What do you appeal to?

      Maybe a conscience of some sort – but history avails us of numerous instances where people diverge over what is right or wrong and they always make an appeal to conscience but have to have recourse to might (or propaganda which is just another form of might) to enforce their personal conscience because conscience shifts from individual to individual and society to society.

      At the end of the day what use is morality? It just seems to me to be a shield that only works against people who are also behind the shield. I mean try telling a murderer murder is wrong and see how that goes.

  3. What use is morality? Truth. Knowledge. Sanity. Benefit. Integrity. ect.
    Might is barbaric, destructive, asinine, insane, inane. It’s only goal is to suppress/enslave.
    As to humanity always reverting back to might, is a consistent reminder of the repetitive nature of stupid. Bury the history, then repeat. Grossly incompetent and arrogant.
    Knowledge is power, i.e. the power of Freedom. Might is completely subservient to their “masters.”

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