What the new covenant means for prophecy

The problem is judgement ceased in AD 70. Since that moment in time the new covenant has been in full power.


The destruction of the temple and Jerusalem spells the death of the old covenant.

Now God will under no circumstance remember our sins or our lawlessness.


There will be no more judging according to works because to judge a thing would be to call it to mind, to remember it and thus God would be breaking His own covenant if He were to judge.

Now we are like those who sinned before the law.


Sin exists independent of the law but is not imputed where there is no law.


Of course death and sin still occur but the sting of death is sin and the power of sin is the law and there is no more law so sin has no power and death has no sting because there is no more judgment!


How does this take away the sting of death? Well it means that death isn’t the final say on the matter. Sure under the old covenant it was – the wages of sin are death! If that’s all there is to it then what a sting!

But under the new covenant the wages of sin are the same as the wages of righteousness. LIFE!


Of course if you smoke you may get cancer, if you murder you may go to prison, if you stab your foot it’s gonna hurt but God ain’t taking you to task anymore. He’s not waiting for you to exit left of the stage so He can tell you how naughty or nice you’ve been!


In fact this realization – that God is not in the punishing and rewarding game anymore. That there are no wages to be earned anymore. That all the work man was to do was done in the act of murdering God’s Son. Means it really was actually finished when Christ said it was!


If there’s something we have to do now it’s die. That’s all; fail and die that’s the only command that would make sense in the new covenant!


But you can’t fail in the new covenant because there are no criteria for success or failure. We have transcended categories like good/bad, failure/success in the new covenant. We have been translated into the realm where we view and adore the righteousness of God.

In the coming 2nd resurrection all will be resurrected irrespective of works. I don’t think many people fully understand what the new covenant entails concerning judgement and what that entails for prophecy.


In fact I would say that if a prophecy contains judgement it simply is not for now or ever in the future because the new covenant is not going to cease till God has reconciled everyone. That is when the covenant achieves what God designed it for!


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