Views on canonicity

A thought i had the other day was on canonicity.
I actually think it’s silly.
I mean it’s essentially saying “We have looked at all this stuff so you don’t have to and here is what we think is true”
It’s silly – and if you read the apocrypha you see that it is littered with the messiah.
The council of jamnia (which is where the protestant apostasy get their canon) was predominantly pharisaic and of course they were heavily motivated to expulse proof that Jesus was messiah from the hebrew canon.
The apocrypha was in the septuagint which was the greek-translation used by Jesus and the apostles.
But the point I’m trying to get at is – the spirit bears witness with our spirit that a thing is true – – – this is what it means to follow the lamb and if we know father we can read anything and discern for ourselves – we don’t need a council to tell us what is true or false – – we are men too and we can discern for ourselves.
And ultimately it doesn’t matter if we have false beliefs or not because it’s the character and righteousness and wisdom of God that matters not whether or not we are right or wrong!

One thought on “Views on canonicity

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