Why isn’t that sack of Jerusalem in AD 70 spoken of as having happened?

The very fact that the sack of Jerusalem in AD 70 is not mentioned as happening is very convincing proof that the new testament in its entirety was written prior to that event!
If the new testament was a spoof written to convince people into a cult then surely they would include within the text the proof of the prophecies that Christ uttered as occurring within that generation.
This would mirror the way in which prophecy is proclaimed and shown as fulfilled in the old testament (compare Jeremiah and Daniel to Ezra and Nehemiah).
This is key to understanding “The apocalypse of John”. If it’s written post AD 70 it is a mess of analogies that can be made to fit plenty of events over the last 2 millennia.
If it’s written prior to this date and is talking about this event then not only do the statements “Which must shortly come to pass” and “I come quickly” make perfect and normal sense but the whole text is luminous and meaningful because all the content is meant to be understood in relation to a very short period of time around AD 70.
In fact prophecy only works if it’s time-specific otherwise the characterisation can be made to fit anything.
Look at the prophecies in the old testament and how rapidly they were fulfilled. Look at Jeremiah – the prophecies he proclaimed were in their majority fulfilled within his lifetime.

God can tell time! Even the people in Jesus’ day knew that a messiah was expected because of the precise time predictions of Daniel.

Biblical prophecy is not Nostradamus. It is not a mess of vague allusions that can easily be twisted to be a foretelling of anything and it’s this character of biblical prophecy that makes it stand apart from astrological divinations and vague surmisings based upon an animal’s guts!

If you realize that the law and the prophets were until John the baptist and that the time-limit set to the majority of prophecy was AD 7o then it makes sense and is luminous. But if we believe there’s a split in Daniel’s 70 weeks and insert a synthetic split into the olivet discourse biblical prophecy becomes an irretrievable mess!


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