So He came back in 70 AD… So what?!

The parousia was the utter close of the mosaic covenant. Not only was it that but it was a distinct shift on the part of God in how he was dealing with man. From Adam up until Christ was a specific dispensation.

At this moment in time all the dead that had died from Adam were judged.

One of the primary functions of the age of law – the old covenant – was to show man his futility. It was to make abundantly clear to man that he is not in control, that he is not powerful.

In order to fulfil this function it didn’t have to be given to everyone. It was enough that it was placed before a nation.

It showed this by putting before the israelites a law that they delighted in. It was their god-given mark of peculiarity.

Not only did it make them special but if they kept it then they would get all the blessings expressed in the penultimate chapter of leviticus but if they failed to keep it then they would get the curses.

So not only did they esteem the law in its own right but they had treats and punishments to coerce them into really trying to keep the law. To get them to hand themselves over to it.

Of course they failed abysmally. The entirety of the scriptures – including the new testament – is a long story of them breaking the covenant and God judging them to bring them back into the covenant and then a fresh break.

The parousia was God putting a final end to this state of affairs by removing the old covenant – by removing all the commands.

Now there are no commands. This is the freedom in Christ. Freedom is the absence of commands.

Of course the law is still in effect in the same sense it was in effect to those without law throughout the old covenant. We continually erect laws or standards for ourselves and we continually break our self-imposed and self-enforced standards.

Not only is it in effect in that sense but like the old covenant man has constructed social laws for his fellow man and man breaks them all.

But now God is giving no commands because His is the work. If we knew what He was working in us then there would be the chance we’d stick our oar in and gloat over what He had wrought.

Rightly dividing the scriptures is all about correctly determining what pertains to those under the old covenant, what pertains to the wilderness wanderers between Christ’s ascension and His parousia and what pertains to us.


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