Father’s nature

When you think on Father’s kindness and love it really is awesome.

And when you realize that it’s only through our wretchedness that his love is exemplified it soothes our broken souls!

This is really the distinction between the believer and the unbeliever now

It’s not in us, how we behave or how we think. It’s in the knowledge that we have faith in.

Belief isn’t a doing on our part – it’s a discovering. It is given to us to believe that Father is who he says he is – to them on the outside it is not given. Which is why they strain so much to appear approved but we – we rest in our broken vessels knowing this – that His strength is made perfect in our weakness! His love is shown vividly in our unloveableness.

But it’s more than this. It’s the fact that Father’s preference is what matters – not mans or our own.

Songs of solomon is awesome for showing this. When I am enamoured of a beautiful woman there’s nothing she could possibly do that would make me not want to spend a night with her – that would make me shun her company.

Of course man’s love – mine and our love – is imperfect. It comes and it goes. But we are constantly the apple of Father’s eye.

Not only is our love imperfect but it is impotent. Only God could break the apple of his eye in order to show the apple of his the depths of his love.


How does God make us secure in his love? He puts us into conditions where we do the very things we fear will separate us from his love and after we have broken all the conditions, done all the nasties does he come and bathe us in the Holy Spirit (though not for everyone now only the elect “each man in his own rank”)

We know this – those on the outside don’t know this. Father’s nature, predisposition and ultimate plan is the same for both!


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