Joseph and the justification of evil/sin

A good place to see the true nature of evil is in the story of Joseph.

This shows us the divine perspective on evil. How it is a tool in the hands of Father. A tool He uses for glorious ends.

In fact the place that good and evil should have in our understanding is one of instruments.

Too many people think of them as the ultimate end; the truth is that both of them are instruments Yahweh uses for a much greater end. They are the tools by which He reveals Himself.

In the story of Joseph we see something extraordinarily wicked happen. Joseph’s brothers sell him into slavery. Not only that but they initially intended to kill him!

It was only a small number who reneged on that intention and instead sold him to the Ishmaelites.

If that were the end of it then those actions would have been wicked. Luckily for Joseph and his brothers it was not.

Those wicked acts were the means by which Yahweh saved the house of Abraham.

A drought and famine came upon the land. It was by the God-given wisdom and ability to interpret dreams that Joseph had that Egypt was able to secure itself against this calamity.

It was the result of Joseph’s prudent administration of Egypt that Egypt acquired an abundance of stores. It was because of these stores that Egypt was able to be the saviour (with a small s) of the house of Abraham.

We can see that God was the initiator of these events in the fact that it was God who gave Joseph the dreams that incited his brother’s ire and acted as an impetus to their wicked actions.

If this weren’t evidence enough Joseph himself provides the most damning piece of evidence: “As for you, ye devised against me evil — God devised it for good, in order to do as at this day, to keep alive a numerous people;” Gen 50:20

This is a type of how God is going to justify Himself and mankind. How God is going to right every wrong. How God is going to display His own righteousness.

After evil has finished it’s divine work we will all see that it was meant for good. That it was meant for life!

It won’t be a paltry forgiveness which leaves the evil untouched. It will be a very visible and real justification. We will see that everything that has happened was right!

We will look upon all our failures, all the evil we have done with no displeasure because we will see that whereas we in our stupidity meant it for harm God in his wisdom meant it for Good and the ultimate good at that: Life.

“and now, be not grieved, nor let it be displeasing in your eyes that ye sold me hither, for to preserve life hath God sent me before you. “ Genesis 45:5

“For I am the way, the truth and the life” John 14:6

“Joseph replied to them: Do not fear! For am I in the place of Elohim? You devised evil against me, yet Elohim, He devised it for good in order to accomplish, as at this day, to preserve many people alive. So now do not fear; I myself shall sustain you and your little ones. Thus he comforted them and spoke to their hearts.” Genesis 50:19 – 21

I can’t wait to see Judas Iscariot and the Pharisees and Sadducees who killed our saviour for us comforted!

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